EU tax questions: Luxembourg says no, or why?

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n tax issues, many European member states do not want to lose their sovereignty, including Luxembourg. The Finance Minister did not doubt in an article by LW (23.01) that he would be against the European Commission in order to raise the principle of unanimity in fiscal matters. By the way, his party was the only one to have included this point in the electoral program; For understandable reasons: should decisions be made in the matter of qualified majority voting, the risk for the Grand Duchy will be greatly reduced.

Journalist Diego Velazquez points out that there is no unanimity in this matter in the Trinity Coalition. For the Greens, the Commission’s proposal in Brussels does not even go far enough. In many areas, the principle should be rejected that decisions can only be taken unanimously, as otherwise the European Union will not be in place.

image credits:pixabay

And the resilient LSAP party president, Franz Fayot, is dreaming of fiscal justice and is also pleading that in future decisions should be taken by a majority. Luxembourg has to be particularly ambitious and show up. It would make no sense to wait for the whole world (old argument of junk and peace) to move in the direction of tax justice.

It is normal for there to be disagreements in a coalition. Here, however, is a crucial point for the country. Wearing these divergences into the public domain is a construction thing where the red and the green ones have to add a little bit in the end. It would be important if these three coalitions were to agree in a hurry …. in unanimity!


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