Everything a matter of head? With your head?

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in the past, was everything better? Talk about Carré! While Neanderthals had the best air in the world -un diesel, it became almost 30 years old. In the Middle Ages, crime was up to 100 percent higher; in the 18th century, every third child died before his fifth year of life; 99 percent of blind bowel operations are deadly; Immediately after the First World War, when humanity actually suffered enough, the Spanish flu took away 50 million people’s lives. On one hair, I would have forgotten the plague with which every third citizen of Europe was sent on the last great voyage! In the past, villas were simply wonderful! Think about it when you sit at the dentist…


All numbers to flip, but fortunately alarmism did not affect the past. Our fear lies exclusively on the more or less short future, no matter how long our life prospects look. We are focused on our health in the genre mens sana in corpore sano.


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We walk on the sidewalk and in the forest the soul of the body: when the body is healthy, it goes well. And our heads could at least decide to keep the body in the right direction. Step into step and start a health religions, the Ministry of Health announces: keeping fit, who is in motion, risks getting cancer. Plato was of the opinion that the permanent concern for his own health was already an illness.


what has the human being actually suffered by themselves in recent decades! The mozzarella was a matter of nervousness or too much coffee … and often a thing that went off the head. For months, the hot milk with honey was swallowed until it got better and the peanut butter never returned. Coincidence! The milk – certainly good – could do for nothing in the healing process, because today we know that a bacterium is at fault: helicobacter pylori means the most cattle, by which people have to surrender or run rupdadup to the toilet. Today, a representative of classical medicine still stands on the face: “Your fall is psychosomatically served”!

Autism has been the consequence of a so-called “frigid mother” for a century. Bruno Bettelheim had the theory that, especially as the mother was obsessed with the idea, her child should not be in the world at all; through this disturbed relationship would befall the child

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would develop autism. How awful for Mom! She was culpable for decades, for something she couldn’t, because today we know that autimus is a neurobiological disease of the brain. For over fifty years she has been accused of the mother, she is blamed, almost as for witch, and especially learned people! Everything upside down!

We point our fingers at people who are extremely mocked… “Freshness” is the verdict of society! It sticks out of frustration all that one has to look and feel this way. Clearly, these people are becoming, just as clearly, making certain foods addictive, but scientists have found

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that it often depends on the type of bacteria the person has in the gut. With that kind, the person is, in fact, no matter what itching – thicker than the person next door, with a different kind of bacteria in the digestive tract; There have even been operations to exchange the bacteria between two people, but there is only one beginning of research. If classical medicine no longer knows how to heal the colon, they come with psychosomatics. Ways of being sad, depressed, or stressed out must be more frequent. Ready! In 10 years, we will know better…

whether a person is anxious or courageous does not necessarily play in heart and cortex, but it is a matter of the quality of our saliva in the mouth. Way to smoke, want to do the poet! Certainly not entirely wrong, but also not entirely true. But still have two-thirds

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wrong, but also not entirely true. But still have two-thirds
never touched by people. Wouldn’t they even want to do the right thing here, as youngsters not marking the bello? Why did we immediately taste the first zigs, and fellow colleague Nico next door? The answer goes towards the chromosomes … on those who are in the blue vapor, one of the chromosomes would be slightly bent. Evidently, this is not the case, but many are missing it.



And yet it is playing out in our modern society, a lot of it in our heads. Thus, there are people who claim to be extremely sensitive to electric waves; this is almost practical, as it is difficult to prove. Some people do not tolerate the rays of the cell phone; alone the thought of it already makes her sick, a matter of negative stress.

Homeopathic goods are available for sale online, in the drugstore, in the supermarket. If you believe, it should probably knock… at least as long as there is nothing serious.

And when someone as a patient is told by the doctor, “What did you do? You have cancer! ”, Almost no objection is left, to answer:“ Excuse me! I did not express it; I was worried with the thoughts elsewhere! ”

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We now decide with our heads, but unfortunately not always right!

Asthma was also psychosomatically operated, today we know it better! For decades, in all of these examples, there has been a CONSENCE among researchers and scientists. But consensus is not enough in the sciences: there is observation and evidence! So it is with climate change!

As a small bedside, the dsm 4:

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual





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