Fage and google: The website for Luxembourg!

Gemeng Biissen

Fage wants to produce juice in Bettembourg. Jughurt is good for health, at least for the bones. However, yoghurt needs milk, plenty of water and electricity. In addition, the various political parties are more than difficult. After the file had been prepared three years ago and Fage had already paid the first grim tax, the case apparently still does not go so far that one could finally make a decision. In the meantime, this means regularly on promotional trips by the economic delegations: “Come to the Grand Duchy! We are the country of the short ways! Yes, we can!”. Briefly, therefore, it is relative in Luxembourg. I imagine Fage’s employers, if they should be notified in the next few months, that such suffering is also telling us, unfortunately, a implantation of a juggling factory is impossible. 3 years of waiting, planning, investing, and everything for the cat. Then it’s better to give up and access such promotional trips because, well, we want to stay what we are! Basta!


google is even more such a blaming! Economy Minister Etienne Schneider has the full right to point out that the country needs urgently to diversify its economy. Others have said this before him and now it’s a unique opportunity! Google wants to come to Luxembourg, not because the people in Biissen get up with the hens, but because the Data Center gets the electricity for the cheaper tariff like a heavy industry.

The common root of Biissen, though, changed yesterday’s PAG, so that a first step was now made, but only half-heartedly:

4 CSV councilors were in favor, 2 CSV representatives were in the process (Luxemburger Wort), 5 opposition members were included. Mayor Jos Schummer is anything but happy and feels left out of his own party. Right has the man! It can be argued that a CSV mint has long pushed the government forward, pushing three of the majority parties to the corner, but even for an opposition party the moment to recognize color and position itself clearly. She did not do this, rather, as Mayor Schummer noted, a populist criticism of the government project!

That’s politics, as the people don’t like it. A CSV as the largest opposition party – and in fact – must have the courage, after a phase of criticism, to submit its own opinion to a dossier on the table. The same goes for the other parties, of course. It’s like the card game: poker is done, wise!


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