File at the Police? We do not care!

Image par fsHH de Pixabay

it had been quiet around the file by the judiciary and the police. No wonder! Current ministers Sam Tanson and François Bausch have become right – after a long period of criticism – of the entire political opposition. Bausch had even formally been involved in November that due to the AT (avertissement taxés) switching from the ominous file to disappear, if they would be paid.

This afternoon it was over with rest. The relevant parliamentary committee came together. Its members stunned as the children in the BIMBO theater when an Mr Neuens, Deputy Director General of Police:announced “We have a technical problem! Nothing has been done. The ATs are still there!” The police minister, of course, looked stupid, and he almost lost face when the police agreed with the proposal that in the future the AT would continue to be collected, and after 2 years then would automatically go out of the file, provided still, they are paid!

François Bausch lightly changed the color of his face, apologized to the members of the commission, and reiterated his order: the AT had to leave the file: Sir! Yes! Sir! Then we wish those uniformed “good luck”. If they got a deadline for their job, my knowledge …


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