Fit for bankruptcy?

Image par Anastasia Gepp de Pixabay

minister of economy Franz Fayot has a plan. He wants to help the businesses that are in trouble. Well done, Holy Martin! But there are many pitfalls in economic circles, especially the small or medium businesses – often in the hands of a family – are dissatisfied.

The Minister comes with the program: fit 4 resilience. Businesses in trouble should get a consulting company ready: a consultant is ready for them, for 5 to 25 days. Well done just for the little societies like split into the stomach! What should such an advisor say to these people a lot? That 2 months income is missing? That should probably figure out the employer himself. Isn’t this often an infantry campaign, employers who have kept the bar for years are declared dead on a crisis because of which they can not be blamed?

A consultant sits in front of the computer and opens an excel sheet. That’s his way of tackling the problem. That can help, but mostly just for larger societies. The smaller companies have to deal with questions: how can I make good the two-month losses (at least!) Again? How can I sell what if I do not receive any new goods in the next few months?

after all, the consultant is not free. The use of costume cravat can cost between 20,000 and 50,000 euros. While the state will take over half of it, it will still have to cope with its own business, even more so, when it does not do so well, since it had not needed any help!

The minister should explain to the public who he wants to help with this program! Those small businesses certainly don’t!


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