Frank Bertemes: False beggars or the crime of human trafficking

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False beggars!

Humanity insists that no one person is sacrificed for any purpose.

Albert Schweitzer


Bettelei is a phenomenon that is also present in Luxembourg permanently and that is primarily in the capital. In fact, Bettelei is a logical consequence of a growing social divide, in which the rich become ever richer and that poverty grows in our so rich countries. Although not a criminal offense, he is ever more prevalent in Luxembourg with organized crime and the highly themed crime of human trafficking. Key word: Human trafficking – it sounds like a relic from past days. However, it is true that current reports on the topic (see the most recent “our” – excellent! – Human Rights Commission CCDH) advise the business with the “Merchandise Man” more than you seem to boom. Human trafficking is an industrialized crime, a global, often overlooked, tragedy (Gilbert Pregno in RTL interview: “… found in the dark instead!) That concerns every continent and pretty much every country of this earth. The problem of human trafficking via organized bedding seems to find regrettably a little beaching….

For a number of years, the controversial lawyer Me Gaston Vogel theme has also been a frequent problem for the organized bedding for writers. Due to this, Maître Vogel has been mounting the obvious official indifference of this in criminal gangs organized for almost five years. An indifference that has been consistently conveyed throughout the community and the political class, and Gaston Vogel expressly vis-à-vis those from the near French border of Roma, poor people, who still spend some of their money in return “Bonjour Messii!”, So the line-writer would look like one with a leading facial expression, looking exquisite ever in the equal position of the Bonneweger’s pedestrian bridge, greeted sitting woman and, in the evening, of a kneeling, silent, silent man at the front (silent, silent man) already guaranteed! If you think about this poor picture, you can already ask such questions and (and) think in the corresponding detailed writings of the master. These “Bettler” who, by and large, deserve our human fellowship and, above all, at least the (existing) legal protection, are modern slaves who serve the profits of criminals and are victims of obvious (obscure) organized human traffickers. The official claim in this context is that “one has no enforcement and the courts will rarely rule out faulty evidence.” Which, as a “remedy”, already called “place reference”, is by no means a suitable means, since the problem is only from one position to another. What should that be?

However, as already stated, there is a corresponding law of April 9, 2014, which should contribute to strengthening the rights of victims of human rights violations. The full text of this Law amends Section 382-1 of our Code of Criminal Procedure, in any case, clearly and clearly identifies the human trafficking (organized) Bettelei as a violation of the law, Quote of the article: “Constitute of infraction of the treaty of human rights the transporter, the transferee, the surrogate, the battery of the person, the transferee or the control, or the following: (…) under point 3 of the following text:

3) to beg, to exploit their begging or to make it available to a beggar so that they can use it to arouse public commiseration; (Ende des Zitates)


Ferner states clearly and clearly in Article 2 of the aforementioned legal text that the attempt (la tentative) of this law violation with a freedom of imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of 5000 to 10,000 euros is punishable! (… And thus can not be recovered!). The bill is therefore just as clear and clear as the daily “Bonjour Messii” of the poor Roma on the Bonn movement “Passerelle”.


Don’t you just have to legally care for the rear men of this organized bedding, but also and especially for the poor people themselves who are victims of human trafficking? Our cityscape and we as passers-by could ultimately only benefit from corresponding measures, right?

What kind of man does nothing take?

Who cares?

For Bible Feasts, Old Testament, 2nd Book of Moses:

Do not continue,

stehe, siehe!

(2. Mo 14,13-14)

Frank Bertemes




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