Frank Bertemes: Google about everything?

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“Quality defects and wrong decisions can really hurt and the risk potential for data centers is high.” (Datacenter Insider)

In any case, this is a clear statement from experts in the context of the data centers. Question to the new minister of economics – for whom, by the way, the personal sympathy and appreciation of the line writer applies, to be clear – in a recent newspaper interview, which, however, should not reassure us Google critics: “How important is it for you as minister of economics that Google comes to Luxembourg? Answer: “Google has already bought the site. The project is running. I do not intend to question that. It is important that the data center is as energy efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. And that the project in Bissen is accepted. Then I have no problem with Google. ”

Thus, the effective implementation of the gigantic project should already be secured – in fact, almost officially, if you look at the wording of the answer of the new Minister of Economy, which can be politically and socially and ecologically, to a question that our country has been doing for some time moved violently, looks closer. At this point, however, it would be of little help as a critical-thinking citizen to list all the problem areas of this mega-project that have already been cited several times and which should be well known. The aim of these lines is rather to point out what has not been commented on in this context so far, and which does not seem to move the new Minister of Economic Affairs directly, namely the dangers of data centers. Because there are definitely! Heat and fire are definitely among the greatest dangers for the sensitive servers. Hardware, for example, can be damaged even by the smallest particles. If a cable burns completely, there is a short circuit. And then it can get very serious! That is why, according to experts, it is important that a data center has to be thought through optimally from the outset in terms of security. A well-known topic applies immediately: “Location, location, location …”. As with all real estate projects, the location of a data center is also a crucial question when it comes to risk assessment and security. Has this “little detail” been discussed in public so far? Hardly, because the minds heated up about other, very justified core questions in the context of this megalomaniac project. A manager of an existing data center said in any case Tacheles: “We spend about 80 percent of the costs for the cooling infrastructure, so the amount that we have to spend for a piece of land is not decisive for the war.” A very dedicated vocabulary that is already pure in the form in our context Google should unfortunately be trend-setting, namely: war! And this war with and against Google is in full swing here in all respects in all respects, the only thing missing is actually the word peanuts … various costs seem to move the capitalist internet giant Google only a little – trifles like the country, the situation … That one besides, a valuable biotope and valuable arable land destroyed… Peanuts! Irrelevant! Why not place a data center on contaminated industrial wasteland if one already considers one to be indispensable for the modern, digitally oriented economy of the future? And then: the social follow-up costs, which in addition to the well-designed tax levies that Google intends to “pay” our country (no comment – or yes, Franz Fayot quote: tax gifts are unnecessary! – then a big question mark), costs, which of course will have to bear the dumb electorate and taxpayer population. Who else pays the pollution and the fire brigade operations at a super-Gau in the form of a major fire etc. Other risks and dangers to be mentioned in plain language: natural disasters, environmental and location risks, crime, terrorism and vandalism, technical and operational risks such as product defects, repairs , Power fluctuations (rated as a special topic among the risks!), Hacker attacks and software defects, misplanned processes, threats to IT operations due to dust, holes in the outer shell, general human inadequacies, the power supply, the huge water problem (to be sure, once again) to mention) and the failure of the (already limited) specialist staff (and this problem is emphasized as a “huge problem”) due to illness, strikes, family circumstances, etc. pose a considerable security risk in the opinion of experts.


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