Frank Bertemes: Inspiration for our Social Democracy!

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The term “inspiration” is derived from the Latin term for soul, meaning “breathe life, spirit”. The term is used in connection with inspiration and ideas.

“Humans have three ways of acting wisely: thinking is the noblest, imitation the easiest, experience the bitterest.”

Nobody wants to deny that, especially since we have heard it all before or even experienced it ourselves. This wisdom is attributed to Confucius and is cited so often because this Chinese philosopher has thought about life and human order in a rarely achieved intensity. The messages from the 5th century of our (wrong) “Christian” calendar are mostly simply worded. That is why they are understandable. For the same reason, however, they also leave room for interpretation. In his day, Confucius saw himself as a source of ideas. He is the most popular representative of the so-called Taoism, the “teaching of the way”. And this teaching of the way is likely to be highly topical and useful in various debates in our country this year …

For example, if you want to talk about “determination” but have doubts about its feasibility, you can build trust with Confucius:

“If you know the goal, you can decide.
Whoever decides will find peace.
Whoever finds peace is safe.
If you are sure, you can think.
Anyone who thinks can improve. ”

Strictly speaking, wisdom is based on clear and accepted goals that give strength, calm and security. “If you know the goal, you can make a decision.” If you actually know this goal, you can also describe the decisions that have to be made according to the situation. “Whoever decides, finds peace.” This follows: “Whoever finds peace is certain.” Confucius continues: “If you are safe, you can think.” So can develop ideas and starting points for the next steps. It will not go without discussions. No matter how: “If you think, you can improve.” … and ultimately only win!

Why all of this? Well, these inspirations could be in the current discussions, both in the context of our form of government (which should now be carried out calmly and very carefully) as well as in the political debate about the impending downfall of social democracy – a risk that the LSAP sees in an electoral sense very serious situation threatens to move, as is rightly feared by the Republican-oriented Young Socialists – be very useful.

Not only Jeannot Waringo wants to give the government inspiration that is really urgent, but also young socialists such as Georges Sold, the chairman of the JSL – to the address of the socialist mother party. Others are no better, and in that sense we are in a serious social crisis that demands inspiration with consistency no matter how …

Frank Bertemes


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