Frank Bertemes: Die heiteren Corona-Regeln …

Image par Klaus Hausmann de Pixabay

The cheerful Corona rules …

of a contempt who is not to be taken seriously and who says:

In principle you are not allowed to leave the house, but of course you can if you want.
Masks are useless, but you should definitely wear one because it can save lives.
All stores are closed except those that are open. So the small ones, the important ones, the slightly larger ones and some others too.
This virus is potentially deadly, but not too scary, except that it may lead to a global catastrophe, in which many die. Or less die, but more through the consequences of the impending economic collapse ‘or both.
Everyone has to stay at home, but it is important to GO OUT, especially when the sun is shining, but it is better not to go out, except for sports, of course, but actually: NO.
There is no shortage of goods in the supermarket, but there are things that are missing and others are not there at the moment. But don’t ask any questions about the current stimulating climate!
The virus has no effect on children … except on those to whom it does affect.
Pets are not affected, but there is still a cat that tested positive in Belgium in February when no one else was tested. Rarely dogs, actually not dogs, but sometimes. Any surface other than your pet’s fur can naturally transmit the disease.
You will have many symptoms when you are sick, but you can also get sick without symptoms, have symptoms without being sick, or be contagious without symptoms.
You cannot go to old people’s homes or visit your grandparents to protect them. But you have to take care of the old people and best bring them food and medication.
The virus remains active on various surfaces for two hours. No four, or six … Hours? Maybe days. It also takes a humid environment to survive. But not necessarily.
The virus does not tolerate alcohol, but it can make the symptoms worse. The same applies to nicotine. You can forget about smoking anyway, because inside it harms your fellow human beings … and you can only go out for sports.
The virus doesn’t actually stay in the air, but sometimes it does. Especially in closed rooms. So go out into the fresh air a lot if you are allowed to.
Basically it is not a smear infection but a smear infection is possible.
We should remain locked up until the virus goes away, but it will only go away if we achieve collective immunity, which means “herd immunity”, that is, if it circulates. We shouldn’t be locked up too much for that, so stay at home most of the time.
If you were sick, you may get sick later, but between infections you are immune and healthy unless you are sick anyway.
If you follow all of these rules, you will be saved. Or maybe not. Or you are saved, but you go crazy. Then please abide by rule 1.

No matter how: humor is known when you laugh anyway.

But: what is really with this virus?

Frank Bertemes


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