Frank Bertemes on Monarchy and Journalism

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“The private is the private and the public is public. But if a family violence is involved, this is a question of case, and not the case why I’m not engaged in it.”

Roy Grotz: Is violence inflicted?

Pol Shock: Very clear.

Roy Grotz: Do you have any examples? So something like that I didn’t read in the report itself now.

Pol Shock: There are people who say very credibly that they have been slapped in the face…


So, robably more than an extraordinary RTL press club with more than piquant statements from the Land – journalist Pol Schock this past Sunday. One can therefore still have hope. Yes, there are people in this country – in this case, journalists – who have the courage to still have “couples”, as Maître Vogel would say in his clear-headedness, so people who are not bullies. Chapeau! Even Tageblatt journalist Luc Laboulle was clearly in his recent editorial, as he demanded without hesitation the introduction of the Republic (Vive the Republic!). Young Socialists now demand a legitimate referendum on state form – and this can only be supported by convinced Republicans. It is regrettable that the “old” socialists, liberals and green people today no longer want to hear anything about what they once stood on their flag. Incidentally, Gaston Vogel once wanted to found a party for the Republic, the Republicans, a political provocation of the mistress. Or is it more than a political menace you can ask today? Would such an initiative be considered at this time, an opportunity that would be an opportune one … Republic of Luxembourg? Of course, nobody in our established political class wants to hear about it. Nation branding oblige … where would the tourists come from here if we were a republic?

The thrill in the corner though. One question effectively arises: Domestic violence? If that had been the case, then there were victims. But never outwardly …. à la grand-ducale, you understand. And yet: has ironicallyc not got anything from all that twenty years? Did everyone just shut up? Mon oeil …

Either way, we live in a rule of law for which the separation of powers is, fortunately, sacrosanct and therefore applicable to all human beings. Therefore, an investigation is now underway with the prosecution, which is no more than correct. That does not change, however, that the courageous journalist showed Pol Schock Face and was clearly in his statement. Hopefully, the people who were “very credible” to him, even in their official theme days, which of course would be obvious, consistent and talk Tacheles!

Not least, however, our “constitutional monarchy” has a serious problem …

Frank Bertemes


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