Frank Bertemes: The Deaf and the Drug Environment

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Politicians say: “Be smart like snakes!” The moral adds: “And without wrong as the doves!”

Immanuel Kant

Is there anything more valuable than the stories of everyday life? Stories that life writes. It is actually these stories of the everyday, some would say, of the everyday madness – with which they are often right, of course – that make us think beyond any political or other criticism that could be expressed daily. A recent personal experience of no importance belongs to this category, as some would estimate in their unfortunately widespread view of total indifference this year. Title of the “insignificant” intermezzo described here: Die Taube. Incidentally, it is not about the novel of the same title by the German writer Patrick Süskind from 1987, which is worth reading, but about a real pigeon, whose dilemma described in these lines, however, becomes the personal final for this innocent bird Drama could have developed …

A look out of the office window just before half past five after work: something is moving in a modern, recently occupied building: a pigeon! Which is stuck between a window and a really hip railing and which can no longer fly away because of the narrowness of the space. Since the observer has to hurry to the train station in order not to miss his train, he hopes that someone will free the animal from its predicament. But by no means – the next morning the innocent animal sits there as well. Pinched – without a chance to free yourself. Many people pass this building every day. Just as, incidentally, the various drug addicts, poor people with probably dramatic personal fates, who sit around here, take their injections half-naked, scream, riot in drug addiction, argue with one another, even fight, although they are interpelled at occasional police controls, but the following day of course you can find them again in the same place, etc. No matter how, an everyday drama in the Bonneweg district, which the politically responsible, despite various and repeated phone calls to the responsible police station (which is obviously overwhelmed in the topic of the drug problem) and also letters with signature actions by residents, but nevertheless seems to be of little interest. On the contrary: this subculture of “worthless”, marginal peripheral figures, who are bustling here every day, act right next to a modern day nursery in this very modern building … in which the innocent pigeon threatened to die – which just as little interests the many passers-by of everyday life like these junkies, who apparently also live here at night, coupled with other “activities” that are not mentioned here, live their sad lives.

So the observer had to be active. He wrote a paper that he titled “Help!” And stuck to the two entrance doors of the hip building. The reaction was actually supposed to take place within half an hour: the window door opened and the pigeon was freed with a broom after some thought and action. The animal flew directly across from it and positioned itself at the window of a colleague’s side office, who informed the writer of these lines that it was no longer moving. After this approached the window, the pigeon looked at him intently with her innocent eyes … and flew away!

A moving act of gratitude? Perhaps – there are many little stories of everyday life, just a lot between heaven and earth, which is hard for people to understand, but which can always move us to emotions – and that’s a good thing!

Because in general we still have one thing in common: being human.

It would be desirable, however, that the politically responsible people take a significantly more committed look at the problems of the people mentioned in this article and who would credibly stand up for these sad contemporaries. Fellow human beings who have ended up in the gutter of the inhumane drug milieu because of their individually fatal life stories and will never come out again … and to free them from their addiction and their terrible milieu by means of decent social policy and humane reception structures.

Like the pigeon out of jail for one night!

Frank Bertemes


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