From shoe stores to trams

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mrs. Cahen cares about the tramlines on the station. They are not there alone, but they turned to the address: the state business association, in fact, could possibly undertake more to support its members, but it is not the federation that is the basis of this unspeakable horror scenario! There is just as little community in Luxembourg, which of course could be accommodated even more now that the complete traffic chaos on the train station is coming. Corinne Cahen would have to address herself to her own government, and in particular to Minister François Bausch, who necessarily wanted to become the minister TRAM. But, it’s never too late to do good! The unfortunate situation – since last Sunday – is no provision! The station should become a neighborhood without a car or nearly! If that always looks good! The bus sent all the RGTR buses to the curse, and theville de Luxembourg went in part. That will have its consequences for the neighborhood! I have personally had to make an appointment with a doctor at the train station, just like a normal medical examination at the Zitha clinic, although it is extremely complicated to get to the corner of our city, be it, I take out bicycle and trottinette.


n a year I have to take a bus to get to the train station that takes me to Kirchberg: for the waiting and riding I count 8 minutes. At Kirchberg, I walk the quai for 2 minutes and wait for the tram. I tram, you tram, he tram … Merde! Just missed out! I wait another 7 minutes and climb again. From Kirchberg to the Rose Gardens / Parisian place I estimate the tram is 18 – 20 minutes. A total of 35 to 37 minutes for one way, for which I have used up to 20 direct bus lines last Friday, with no need to change. In fact, a quantum leap, or as the government likes to say: a paradigm shift! This will not be an easy time for bistros, restaurants, shops, doctors etc. Maybe I can invite him from the bistro and go to visit him by car… Even if I take my usual bus line every other year, I have to get to the train station, half of the route. switching the tram, but stepping a bit is good for health …

The main issue has not been solved at all! After all, 450,000 people come to their work day by day, how are the over 200,000 frontiers best to “park” at work without creating total chaos on the main roads of the road network ?! The trains are already crowded at peak hours, people are coming out as if from a sardine blaze, the cadence of the trains cannot be increased. But with the tram everything gets better, gellu? That you did not go! Instead of expanding several motorways to three slopes the “fast train” must be decided along the Escher and Dudelange motorways: we now have 615,000 inhabitants, within 8 years a house of exactly 100,000, which for the future means that we in 32 years to one million and that probably 400,000 frontiers working with us! There’s a third gun just a drop on a hot stone, like splashed in the stomach! Big decisions need to be known to us over 25 years, so it would be such a slow time!

The people’s desire is growing, to have an open and honest discussion about the constant growth. No single party has the courage! In fact, we are seeing dramatic growth in high growth: only a few years with a growth of one percent, and the pension system is in danger, the entire wage structure – in particular in the public service but also in the private sector, must be revised downwards. tightly shifted …


no one is for zero growth, but there are always fewer for the million state! The government answers with Rifkin. Brilliant Rhetoric! What is lacking is a great campaign to explain to the people why a zero vote for our country is not possible and to list concurrent paths as it might in the future. In the people, it is powerful, on the one hand due to the increasingly chaotic conditions on the roads, on the other because of the feeling of national belonging. Many Luxembourgers feel no more than themselves, and with them, more and more foreign citizens who have dropped out on us for decades. The parties should not underestimate that dissatisfaction!


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