Gaston Vogel about “les fichetiers” in health sector

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since May 2019, the date when the secret files exploded, it must have turned out that these things had their feet in the mire, that is to say were devoid of any serious legal basis.

The “file keepers”, at first, contested it energetically – then little by little, they had to admit by successive truths, the precariousness of the texts applied – so much so that, to believe the politicaille, the clerks are working hard -foot to put this miserable spy on solid feet, to obtain an honorable parliamentary exit.

This lesson, which has lasted a long time, has been useless.

Here we start again to short-circuit Parliament and this in an area of ​​the highest sensitivity: our HEALTH.

The 15.09.2017 arose from the office of the clerks, a draft Grand-Ducal regulation, specifying the terms and conditions for setting up a shared care file, in which the health professionals would pay within 15 days after the end management by the doctor, the result of the medical biology analysis, clinical summaries and discharge medical reports, radiological image reports, patient summary.

It is enough to read the explanatory memorandum, to understand that a normal citizen, that is to say moderately educated, only understands it.

It’s the total grimoire.

We are talking about a collaborative tool – a shared care record – a health data vault.

We learn that the file is created by an agency as soon as the patient is enrolled in health insurance and other monstrosities.

Just thinking about it makes me goosebumps.

Thus, we will soon find ourselves body and soul, with our most intimate secrets, in a multi-access health data safe for at least ten long years.

Both the State Council and the National Commission for Data Protection have issued very critical opinions.

The C.N.P.D. very early on realized that a regulatory framework is not enough, but that legal framing in the strict sense of the term is necessary at all costs.

Well 17 months after the adoption of its opinion, no bill has been tabled in the Chamber of Deputies.

You have to be stubborn to get over it.

After all the odd times of recent times, when we have seen the clerks bypass Parliament to achieve their ends, we can ask ourselves, are we still in parliamentary democracy or already in “clerkship”?

January 16, 2020.

Gaston VOGEL


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