Gaston Vogel and the portable gadget

Image parBruno Glätsch de Pixabay

It’s impossible to see yet a single person who doesn’t cross the street completely absorbed by a small device that he wears either by ear or by hand. You can hear him shouting, shouting, preparing for meetings, laughing, gesturing, commenting.

A resurrected person from the beginning of the last century would have immediately believed himself in a world of madmen and would have asked for his immediate repatriation to the eternal Nothingness.

Pedestrian crossings are used even if the lights are red.

The bottom line is that you can safely watch for a message to come up somewhere – because that’s what matters – whatever message it is.

This continues in the office – at home – meals are taken GSM at hand.

People so obsessed with lifelong communication will no longer read and write.

There is not enough leisure time.

The GSM monopolizes the attention to itself only from the rising until the going to bed.

It will go straight into the wall.

August 9, 2019.

Gaston VOGEL


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