Gaston Vogel discusses politics in context secret case



Exciting to watch the paralytics on the political scene.

Nothing nothing – only small glouc-glouc which rise here and there from the swamp.

The Greens and the Reds are silent.

The Roses prefer to fayoter elsewhere, in school books, far from the minefield.

Braz, our touching Minister of Justice, grand pontiff of law, stays in his corner, does nothing, leaving his brother Bausch wading in the mess.

When Bausch presented himself to the press to say a few confused words, he looked devastated – he was no longer that smiling gentleman, pinned down – no no, a little scruffy, as if he were coming out of a test.

The two have still not understood that basic human rights are at stake and that, if there is no absolute respect for them, society will sink into the quagmire.

There is every reason to believe that the police reign in this land in mastery – do whatever it pleases, installs a central file that no one controls, in which each and every one of us ends up with nasty spyware.

Jean Louis Bredin could write in a text entitled “contempt for the law”:

“What do the great principles of law matter that we keep teaching and exporting to others; some legal contortions could deliver us from it. ”

Contortionists are indeed at work and are preparing us for an Erdoganian future

June 12, 2019.

Gaston VOGEL

PS: Here is one of several links to the legislation:                        



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