Gaston Vogel on Green Collapseologists

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Les “Green”


Conspiring, excluding, accusing, denouncing, cursing, ridiculing all those who do not share their catastrophic speeches on climate change is part of the daily program of these sectarians who are the “Greng”.

At Lattès editions, a 280-page pamphlet has just appeared under the title “All these ideas that spoil our lives”, signed Sylvie BRUNEL, geographer, professor at the Sorbonne, specialist in development issues, she has worked for more than fifteen years in humanitarian work.

This work is aimed at BAUSCH, DIESCHBOURG and other GRENG who constantly demobilize and demoralize society by carrying theses which have the value of dogma and which should above all not be criticized under penalty of passing in their eyes for an idiot of town.

And yet, as BRUNEL rightly states:

“Humanity has always had to invent the polder, irrigation, terracing, dykes, pastoralism to cope with the adversity of hot, cold and cast iron.

What made the Sahara, which was a wonderful garden two thousand years before our era, become an immense desert without any possibility of regeneration?


She keeps :

“To believe that ecosystems are frozen and that we must put them under a bell to better protect them is a mistake: there is no optimum, neither climatic nor ecological, an ideal time when we should stop the course”.

And then the author asks a question that will flood the brains of sectarians with adrenaline:

“What if climate change is not necessarily bad news?”

We regret that the high icy latitudes are rapidly changing, regretting an idealized past. But the Inuit lived in chronic hunger and sacrificed their elderly people because they could not feed these useless mouths.

Historically, warm periods have always been called the climatic optimum.

Warming is a blessing for Russia, Greenland, Alaska, Canada … ”

I hear the Greens shouting.

It is only fair that they do not order an ambulance for internment and the appointment of a guardian.

“Oh Mamm – have you read what this fool writes?” The Greens’ commentary rings in my ear.

Should we conspire Sylvie Brunel who has the eminent courage to write these evidences at a time when the opposite is preached urbi et orbi by Gutmensch?


Let us finish with this healthy reflection by this professor at the Sorbonne.

“Catastrophic speeches are demobilizing and do not take into account the ability of men to innovate and cooperate.”


Gaston VOGEL



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