Gaston Vogel over the taboo of the congé




Yes Reckinger from the Chamber of Trades.

He dared to collide with the wall of taboos.

Yes, there are areas that are definitely beyond discussion – to touch on them is to take the risk of passing for an ignoble reactionary.

This is the case with leaves, and in particular new paternity leave and minimum wage, which is always under lively discussion at the level of the unions when they are in need of a subject.

And yet Reckinger was right to cast doubt on the recent innovations in the matter of leave and to stand up to Kersch and to brave his ratiocinations.

We live in a time when politicaille confiscated politics.

As soon as the elections approach, she plays her play, always the same, she heats up the social card, it costs her nothing.

It’s been so generous, so human, so sexy.

Thus, it has become in the habit of periodically extending the list of leaves which, if one includes the extraordinary leaves recast by a law of 2017, can no longer be counted on the fingers of one hand, to the point where they have multiplied over the years.

Now a new day off adds to the already long list.

09.05 – in the middle of a week, a Thursday, and in the end, the irresistible urge to make the bridge – and laziness to work on Friday.

This is the case for 01.05 and 30.05 – always in the middle of the week.

All this generosity comes at the expense of small businesses, which tremble on the foundations already so fragile by all the fiscal, social and other constraints that weigh on them.

We must never forget that it is they who provide part of the employment, and that productivity is the corollary of employment.

These same companies are just as frightened when they have to undergo all the leave related to birth – the paternity leave was further extended from 2 days to 10 days, once again with the calm conscience of Gutmensch, to whom all this kindness obviously does not cost a round, but which, for him, serves as an investment for a future re-election.

This is what was called in the Roman era, the evergesia – it led to the doggie.

April 03, 2019

Gaston VOGEL


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