Gaston Vogel: Those Assholes!

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In the list of RTL scribbles, there is everything – there are those who comment with intelligence on the substance of the subjects under discussion – these respect the philosophy of the forum, which is essentially a debate of ideas.

Then there are those who make it an inexhaustible source of gags.

They are more and more numerous.

They write anything; as they are used to thinking silly, they do nothing but line up pure bullshit.

The worst part is that it makes them laugh.

Thus they only retain from the published text, a completely futile, insignificant detail, which they amuse themselves in growing, moved as much by unfathomable stupidity, as by the will to insult.

The background does not interest them.

We know them – they are the simple ones – the little geniuses of the ad hominem argument.

These poor people bring nothing to the debate, except to rot the climate.

They remind me of this thought of Bluwal:

“Blessed are the simple-minded, but they’re not worth the price they cost us.”

March 16, 2020.

Gaston VOGEL


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