gk online in grief!



very Thursday, I finished a new text and wanted to secure it. But that didn’t work! Suddenly there was nothing left. Gk online cabot! Because I have no idea of dead and naked, I went in search of my informant. But far and wide no Dan Aversa is there: not by SMS, not on Whatsapp, not by mail! It occurred to me that this man had left. Well because my internet site has no financial endeavor, I waited until the evening; you came – like out of nowhere – a text message: The Aversa is dead! These are the messages that make it hard for them to believe in them 1. and to digest them mentally.


an was in fact the father of this site, just as he was the first architect of a web site rtl.lu, just like rtl.fr or the RTL Group. A couple of years ago, Dan and I presented the radio show on Radio Luxembourg, he as an animator, me as a journalist; So we were good to ourselves, even if we lost our eyes for many years: Dan was convinced of the idea, the country would need a person who is also prepared to write different news topics from a different point of view, to comment. Now he has left me and I feel accordingly too.

Dan was a careful man: shortly before his death, he had updated a number of passwords – including those for the server – and had forgotten to write them down, leave a trace there. Death often comes at moments when the least can be expected of him. Therefore, it took 5 days for the data from the ‘old’ site to be retrieved and compiled informatively.

The gk online is ready for a second version, but without Dan, without his dry humor, without his patience, to introduce me to the secrets of computer science. I already have many people in my profession to tell Aeddi, but I never thought that this had to be done with Dan! And now that you’re not there anymore, there’s no way in a process that would have been so important to the entire IT sector. The preparations for using all your strength have freed your soul! Do it well, and when we meet again, we will eat a cream float!




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