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the Chambre of civil servants et employés publics has turned wind in the past year and has especially focused on “green”. Even more pink, she observes government policy, which has to do with the environment. So too, in terms of analysis and opinions on the state budget. Finally, the most expensive law of the year emphasizes that the fight against climate change will be one of the priorities. This is what the civil servant likes, and she immediately sought the proper investment, so the money, the money, and the money would be spent on the environment.”It deduces from this that 70% of the investments announced relate solely to the development of public transport infrastructure.”Yes, yes, we are going to cost our train and tram. Whether it brings anything remains to be expected, but it is allowed to be skeptical.

and”the chambers of civil servants and public servants are dropping! The second measure against climate warming applies to the financial center, which is in golden age and which has to end in “green”. In the notice it means:The chamber decrypts the hypocrisy of measures qualified as ‘sustainable finance’ in view of their profit maximization objectives, incompatible with the protection of the environment! “ Bang! It’s where the government pretty much sits there. A chance to the green that they didn’t show anything on that plng! This is very important for the Chamber and comes with the warning:“… warns against the deployment of 5G and electromobility by mentioning the need to apply the precautionary principle and to carry out preliminary environmental and social impact studies …”, which means as much as it does: the best-thought-out climax relies on no analysis, no statistics. You can easily drop it – of course with the public transport – without knowing where to arrive.


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