Hilarity general from the Chamber

image credits: gouvernement.lu

However, on Wednesday they discussed the DIESELGATE indirectly in the Chamber plenary. The new CSV MP Paul Galles raised some pertinent questions in this context, but soon received few precise answers from the relevant ministry. Carole Dieschbourg just couldn’t remember the boundary values (CO2, NOX) and thought those things wouldn’t matter anyway, that would eventually be the principle. All right! But what principle? What is the guideline issued by the Minister to the motorists: Petrol or still a diesel engine? The latest models are of the finest. The question was vigorously shuffled and paddled until the message was clear and clear:

Best of all, the motorists ride the bike!

The minister has struggled so hard with his answers, as there are major divergences of interpretation in the government. The views between the blue and the red on one side and the green on the other are diametrically apart. It is also interesting to note that no decision has yet been made as to how much petrol and diesel should be added – a difference compared to France makes an average of 34 cents on average. Blue-red are jealous of the greenery of the voters and at the same time disgusted by their dreams, which are badly associated with economics and real politics; they clearly want to keep the handle close to the left.


There were no answers, for example, about the aviation, since airplanes also reportedly sputtered out. And the ship on the mousetrap? Even dirt trackers? Henri Kox came to the Ministry! Everything no problem. Ships make enough environmental damage, but the wind is generally favorable and so air pollution can’t reach Luxembourg – and not even in Remich!! Here, one had to drop it. And if it is not true, then at least it was good.





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