Housing prices are going up through the ceiling!

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t was to be expected, and hardly anyone is shocked! Real estate prices have for years been extremely tight, just as if they had not been set! There has been a 7 per cent rise in the capital for years, with there being differences, in smarter and older apartments, respectively, in homes. Surprisingly, it is already apparent that the slightly older apartments have risen by 9.8 per cent, and the rocky ‘only’ by 6.1 per cent, which may have meant that the older homes are anyway a bit cheaper and not passive-built, and therefore more sought after by the people, but, that assertion is merely speculation.

These recent statistics were served this morning by the Jones Lang Lasalle real estate agency, in which senior consultant Robby Cluyssen was formal: for the first time in 10 years, real estate prices have soared. In other words: who in 2017 was looking for a living and set himself on a budget of 500,000 euros, but who unfortunately did not find any corresponding on the march, was so good and a few months later that budget automatically had to raise by 35,000 €. Thus, the debt ratio has also risen by 7 percent. How can this still be afforded? Anyway no poor! Many couples who have the courage to afford something are postponed until their old age, not to mention the repair work.

Politically, this is the finding: the CSV could get away with it

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respective coalition partners for over 20 years do not oppose anything, and the drilling coalition up to just as little. It would be good if there was a big coalition on this plan, so majority and opposition together! There is to be relinquished to the Little-War, there is to be made policy for the people, with all the so-called forces vives de la nation, thus with patronage and unions. About 15 years ago, we had a board meeting; why not now a table for housing.It is high time, because through housing one sees day by day, as one person gets poorer and the other gets richer. Happy to have one millionth house: who has received € 70,000 in value in years. My home is my castle!


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