How a virus is putting European policy into quarantine!

Image par lisichik de Pixabay

during these times, solidarity is constantly being impeded. From the Grand Duke over the Prime Minister, to the doctors and the many citizens in the social media. We are solid by staying home, housebound, grooming, nurturing, wise driving, so don’t hammer! That sounds good, is also accepted by many people, but by far not by all. Well, how are they supposed to explain the little incidents in the supermarket ?! And the dance is just beginning, now that the government is about to declare the state of emergency.

Solidarity is a word that is gladly abused, even in politics! Where was the European solidarity with the Italians? They were abandoned in such a way! No one had thought so right, no one with concrete help, not even protective masks or rubber gloves! Italy will do well: if the virus crisis is over, more and more Italian citizens will be wondering: why is Europe still good? Open borders, nice and good! Well on a political level ?! In a backlash, then, comes the perception that one should not fall into populism. Good job!

European policy is similar to the concern of the citizens, yet to come to an adequate level of toilet paper in the meantime. Citizens’ egos and politics: Europe, which has been a manifestation of nation states for the last 2-3 weeks!

every country has made its own decisions! Sure, after speaking with direct neighbors, there was no concerted European action. Last summer, Macron’s president told Macron and called La France. Europe can close its borders! Ei! And how! Nothing seems to be easier and harder to implement! What international terrorism failed to accomplish was implemented by a small living almost overnight. Not the European external borders were closed for the first time, but they were the individual nation states!

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke in speech yesterday, 16 March, the European Parliament has downloaded the roll-out of course so as not to involuntarily attack! This is also how our minister and deputies also have to make their way swiftly … (.)

solidiocy is all questioned in our national politics, at least desirable. The municipal elections in Bavaria have shown that citizens do not want to rely on experiments in times of crisis; The Greens did get good results, but were not able to catch up with the surveys they had prophesied. Or, moreover, in crisis times (usually) is set to those who are already on the political power.

Image par Mabel Amber de PixabayThat ratio can naturally turn around. If crap has been built, this calculation will be canceled, but only if the crisis is over to a certain extent. At the moment, the government in Luxembourg is not doing much wrong, even though the detail in communication is not optimal. But we shouldn’t talk about this – because of solidarity – at this time! I therefore expressly welcome the agreement of the ministers and also the people’s representatives who will meet again on Thursday in the plenary to pass important laws in the fight against crisis.

A crisis has its good too! The government has discovered the télétravail, work at home, the digital. On this level, the Chamber does not seem to have made it this far, but over  this and over all other minor or less minor faults should be discussed in a constructive spirit, but only if the small piece of cattle lets from us! Until then: stay solid – take your distance, stay manerly – keep your hands in your pockets….


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