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Age control in underage refugees
Image credits:pixabay
Age control in underage refugees
Image credits:pixabay

in Germany, a young man fatally injured a young woman. Unfortunately, nothing extraordinary. The young man is Afghan. This is worth the discussion, but you probably do not want to appear as a stranger. The Afghans are probably not so young as he is stated. This makes a social statement in society seem impossible! Through this murder, politicians in Germany become vigilant and sometimes want to pass a systematic age test to young refugees, at least then, if it is not definitively about the child; the test could consist in a banal X-ray image of the hand and the root of the hand, which would be sufficient for a reliable estimate of age. For many, this exasperation was far from nothing but the acknowledgment for the legal pressure in society. Sorry! Is it still fun?

In this concrete murder case, it seems to everyone that the right age of the man must be determined. When he is actually a minor, he cannot be charged with any murder, he said, he had prepared for a criminal past. So at least this thing is clear. But to conclude that a systematic age test had to be carried out, many good people went too far, as these young refugees were all placed under general suspicion. Why not go anyway! There are many more ways to provide clarity.


Age checks at refugees in Luxembourg

Hasn’t there been a heated discussion in Luxembourg, although completely solved by the refugee problem, that even minors in scraped prisons have to go, together with full-time gunmen? To avoid this, of course, the age of the young delinquents must first be ascertained. The rest lies in the political will. And that is true for Luxemburger girl and boy just as for Afghans, Syrians. Ready! The most youthful refugees are good citizens who do not conflict with the law, and still ask diesel-related questions, regarding their age. Especially in Germany, many youths without their parents came across the borders; does it suddenly seem normal for a child of 12 years to be granted accommodation in a house where multiple adult foreign men live? I hope not!

“It gives the impression that we have created a two-class society!”


here are many other reasons for finding the age of the young refugee. Are you still obliged, or already prepared for the labor market? Do we still not want to do child labor socially, right? Who looks like in the sports field? The age also plays a role, if it is necessary, to return the refugee to his home. With children, who often knew nothing about their ancestry, it is not that easy, it was said, we wanted it! So it is also about the protection of minors, but every discussion in society is almost instantly replaced by fellow citizens, who think otherwise in the conservative corner, preferably with donkeys. It then says on Twitter or Facebook that it gives very sensible people in the CSV, several under their own endeavor, to try to infringe the rights in the center right. Have these charities spoken with the Caritas and other aid organizations? Who sees the tie?

It gives the impression that we created a two-class society: Normal Citizen Otto on the one hand and the refugee on the other. This also applies to the religions. I have taken the title for these discussions from an article in the “WORLD”. Facebook had blocked the account of author Birgit Kelle for a few days, because her opinion of a new Barbie doll with hatschab, not being compliant with the Community standards should be said. “Must understand,” they write ironically “I have a human Religious community attacks, that’s not it. After all, these gentlemen Muslims also have a right to free religious practice and their traditions (…) not even more mini-skirts and bikinis, but weary. Today, the few who have the courage to give their opinion of Burka in society, are usually as symbols of the oppression of female sex. Journalists do not find it better than politicians, although they were pushed into that racist or anti-feminist corner until they capitulate and write, was better known. In this way, thousands of articles have been burned in the last few years!


This text was not published in the LW out of journalistic fear. 4 weeks later Foreign Minister Asselborn had to confess to the responsible parliamentary commission that age tests are regularly, if not obligatory, carried out with young asylum seekers. And that already for years!:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is again conducting medical tests on refugees. Critics have particularly bothered to investigate the genitalia.

If a refugee alleges that he is a minor and that the authorities question this, a number of medical examinations were conducted. The aim is to prevent adults from spending as minors in order to benefit from the treatment of their cases.

The Human Rights Commission criticized the method. In particular, in some cases, these genitalia were investigated. This was prohibited in France, argues the Human Rights Commission.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had prepared for this in November. According to the law of 18.12.2015 such investigations can be arranged. The Laboratory National de Santé (LNS) has developed medical tests. The Ministry emphasizes that these investigations have not been conducted in all unaccompanied minors, except only those who could not present any papers and a considerable doubt as to the claims at their age.

Before 2015, you have limited yourself to this X-ray examination of the wrist. Children see X-ray recordings of growth joints that usually disappear at 18 years of age. An exact age cannot be determined just yet.

Confidential handling of the photos

“This method is being criticized in law,” the ministry conceded. Today, first hand and wrist would be looked through. If it is pointed out that the Person said the minor would terminate the investigation in this position. However, if there is still a suspicion that the person is full-time, a complete examination would be lost, including an inaugural examination of the genitals. Also key bone and teeth were x-rayed.

The photos that arose from this were treated confidentially and should only be sent to them by the medical practitioners. The photos seem to be just as important in the LNS’s goods as those in the deed of ministry, the authorities said.

In a press release, the ministry reiterated its findings yesterday. The Words of the Persons were respected, as these things were not touched, but merely contemplated. Since 2017, only pictures of face and torso have been created.

The Luxembourg Court of Justice regularly affirms the legality and urgency of the investigations. Seven member states of the EU practiced similar methods, the Ministry continues.

The duty to protect children

These further medical tests have so far not yet experienced in Luxembourg that the investigated Person is underage. The official’s suspicion that the allegations of a person about your age are wrong has thus still proved true. So far, no “real minor” investigation has yet to be investigated, the ministry writes. 2018 has been given eight such medical tests. At some of the investigations, the age was even estimated at 26-27 years. Luxembourg has the duty to protect and prevent real minors in the schools and schools from being accommodated by the adult, it further says.

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