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Wëllkomm bei GKOnline

I am pleased to welcome you to my website. After almost 40 years of active journalism, I simply cannot limit my retirement to potatoes and stay true to my hobby: follow the news and comment, especially politics, but also our society in general. Many people are thinking about this to think about it, but also to embrace it. And I would be happy to discuss it with you at any time. Have fun!

What for does GKOnline stand?

GKOnline this is news and comments with a focus on Luxembourg. Information, analysis and background information that you can find elsewhere.

GKOnline is intended as a network on which the various opinions and beliefs can be exchanged. It is a discussion forum on which can be contradictory. Users' information and reactions are likely to be reviewed and updated at regular intervals. Should any information or reactions which do not correspond to the facts or contradict discrimination, hatred of hatred, anti-Semitism, are nevertheless referred to the respective laws. No guarantee can be taken of any other websites referred to via Hyperlink or otherwise. GKOnline is not responsible for the content of these foreign websites and to a minimum if these other websites do not comply with the data protection regulations. It cannot be guaranteed that information or personal data provided to us will be “lost” by any third party.Et kann keng Garantie iwwerholl gin fir all aner Websäiten, op déi via Hyperlink oder aner Manéier verwise gëtt. GKOnline ass net responsabel fir de Contenu vun dëse frieme Websäiten a grade sou wéineg, wann dës aner Websäiten sech net un d’Dateschutzbestëmmungen halen. Et kann net garantéiert ginn, datt Informatiounen oder perséinlech Daten, déi ons vermëttelt ginn, vun engem Drëtten “ofgelauschtert” ginn.

1. Professional

Despite retiring, I remain in regular contact with political, union and patron circles and have enough information to write and comment on the cause. It is very important to me that I now have better time than ever before in my active life to talk to the people I meet on the road.

2. Current

I try to stay as up to date as possible without commenting on the news day by day. I thoroughly enjoy doing this with a certain recollection; at a distance, work often tends to be cleaner, and above all, more conscientious.

3. Transparent

I write all my texts in "Ich" form. It should always be something more personal; there is, of course, the danger that objectivity with subjectivity blend with one another. My readers will draw my attention to this through their own comments.

In 1978, the adventure began at Radio Luxembourg. From a three-week vacation job - which went into extension every week - there was a firm contract that would put me in the red micro house for 38 years. Just in 2004 and 2005, I had been in the Association of Banks and Bankers for 20 months, where I helped build Luxembourg for finance.

During those years at RTL, many invites came to me in the studio, mainly in the “background in the conversation” issue, but also in broadcasts such as «A new forum for opinions and beliefs» or in cultural issues such as "Thought". More than once, it was Jean-Claude Juncker: as Minister of Labor, Prime Minister, Commission President.

For the last 36 years at RTL, I have been editor in chief for the last 7 years. One of my main tasks was to ensure the political balance on the antenna and for the widest possible neutrality. In 2005, for example, in the campaign for the referendum, Radio Luxembourg did not submit to the press and did not commit itself to a "yes" or a "no". I'm a little proud of that!


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