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Emmanuel I in front of the yellow vests


In January 2017, after the primaries, a boulevard opened in front of Fillon.

He just had to move on.

He would have found no obstacle in his way.

But then the Duck drew and hit him back to back under the belt.

It was over.

Soon he will have to face justice and to judge it according to the judgment rendered on December 11, 2018 by the Correctional Court of Paris, ordering to eight months in prison and to a solid fine the person who had given Penelope a fictitious job, the Fillon’s future seems seriously compromised.



acron appears.

He broke into the game.

He was not overseen by any party.

In the background, a base of undefined and politically indefinable citizens is found and some 25% will vote for him.

Should we already find in germ the yellow vests?

Painful paradox, if that were the case.

He immediately takes on the appearance of a monarch.

Around him, as if by magic, the traditional parties are collapsing.

Here he is, installed on the solitary heights of Olympus.

The intermediate bodies are in a state of paralysis.



e is alone and they are all on the lookout.

They will jump at the slightest odd and make him responsible for all the evils that have accumulated over the past four decades.


A superb success, although there were an impressive number of abstentions and blank votes.

Reading the memories of Alexis de Tocqueville, I come across a major reflection that Macron, if he had read the book, would have done well to meditate before embarking on a sleeper which, after eighteen months of difficult progress , led him to the edge of an execrable swamp.

It makes glouc-glouc everywhere around him.

“It is after a great success that the most dangerous chances of ruin usually meet: as long as the danger lasts, one has only oneself against one’s adversaries and one triumphs over it, but after victory, one begins to to have to do with oneself, with its softness, with its pride, with the imprudent security which the victory gives; we succumb ”.

This is exactly what happened.

A president who is certainly brilliant, highly cultivated, but too young, too inexperienced, and not very charismatic, does not manage to impose himself because he does not manage to manage “the business to himself”.

Very early, he will embody the arrogance of Power.

Then there were very imprudent words and gestures on his part.

We sometimes regretted his lack of sensitivity.

The holidays in Saint-Tropez, in the constellation of crisis that we know, responded to a very questionable choice.

And so, the great hope that had settled in the hearts of the French would implode.

Unlabelled hatred and contempt against Power called disappointed and disinherited en masse on roundabouts and in the avenues and streets of Paris and major provincial towns.

At a time when Tocqueville was going through a similar crisis, the insurgents wore the lab coat, the lab coat and the revolt.

Now it’s yellow vests that set the tone.

These “insurgents” have no coherent program, they are headless, as were the “blouses” of 1848.

They are moved only by anger and bitterness.

Thus, they are intangible for those who want to approach them for discussion.

They escape all influence because heterogeneous and polymorphic.

They constantly contradict themselves, not knowing which direction to go.

They are wandering, from one fantasy to another, from one escalation to another.

And I quote Tocqueville once more when he talks about “blouses”:

“These poor people were assured that the good of the rich was somehow the product of theft from themselves. They had been assured that the inequality of wealth was as contrary to morality and society as it was to nature. Needs and passions helped, many had believed. This obscure and erroneous notion of rights mingling with brute force communicates to it an energy, a tenacity and a power that it would never have had alone. ”

Strange how the events can be resembled a hundred and seventy years apart.

The Eternal return of the same.



hey’ve been blocking the country’s economy for weeks.

Unheard-of violence is to be deplored.

The vests do not have the courage to assume them.

They point the finger at the thugs.

This hardly exempts them because the breakers take advantage of their wake.

They make a way with them.

Without the yolks, no breakers.

What is serious is that they do not denounce the very people who harm their cause by burning cars, attacking the police and vandalizing shops.

And, concerning these excesses, let us quote a third time Tocqueville:

“In times of violent crises, the very actions which have nothing to do with politics take on a singular character of disorder and anger which is not lost on the attentive eye and which is a very sure indication of the state general of minds. These great public emotions form a kind of fiery atmosphere in the midst of which all the particular passions are heated and bubbling. “

As Macron is slow to penetrate the minds of the vests who, paradoxically refuse any dialogue and are not even willing to listen, which makes them very suspect (moreover, they now benefit from the complicity of the extreme right – curious to see Le Pen restraining himself in his comments), the crisis is getting worse.

It is likely to set the country ablaze.

Only the far right would sing hosannah!



ery alone, confused by the resignations of Hulot and his mentor from Lyon, Macron is gradually leaving Olympus.

It was in a very unpleasant contrite tone that he indulged in a mea culpa, admitting that he had not understood the legitimate claims of the people, which is very serious.

It was, moreover, a word of honey through which one could feel the gall of humiliation.

Added to this is that a President does not have to flog himself in public.

Such an attitude of true or false humility does not find favor in the eyes of the general public.

It generates feelings of pity which, of all feelings, are the most harmful.

On December 31, the day of all danger, he delivered an offensive speech to the attention of a country that for a few hours had regained its composure.

He had finally found the right tone, the tone of the leader who, with energy, intends to continue on his way and who rightly lambasted the hateful crowd animated by I don’t know what politician interested in chaos.

The vultures were hungry.

Hopefully he will succeed in regaining control to lead France to more law, justice and equity.

January 2, 2019.

Gaston VOGEL






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