Less Hypocrisy in the Migration Question!



his is the pleader of Paul Romer this week in the newspaper DIE WELT. The man was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for many years. He sharply criticized the politicians who were simply honest about this issue, and this embarrassment, hypocrisy would be a threat to our democracy. “With the ignorance of politicians, the political system would become less stable.” And the man goes on to say that it was just a waste of time to discuss this, to take on a country “x” 10,000 refugees more or less; after all, the number of people who would like to leave their home – if only they could – was huge. Paul Romer speaks of 300 to 400 million, and they simply couldn’t find a shelter in North America or Europe.

Clear weather therefore! Of course, before all the misery in the poor countries of this world, one cannot simply close one’s head, stick one’s head in the sand. But, it is important to try to grab the people involved so that they remain voluntary in their country. Politics should therefore have the courage to put up a sign that not every migrant – war or economic refugee – can be accepted by us and must come together, for massive development aid. But who as a politician already has that courage? Admitting that a small proportion of migrants are welcome and that absolute majority of them w.e.gl. should stay at home? That we can ensure only a fraction of these people can open a professional perspective to them ?!

For now, the discussion is limited to the confrontation between the good and the evil. So it looks like Paul Romer should be a successor too …




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