Libra: from the ancient Romans to the Facebook!

Image par SofieLayla Thal de Pixabay

No evil is so great that it cannot be surpassed by a new one.

Wilhelm Busch


libra, the Roman pound. As the basis of the order of Roman weight units. In the modern, highly topical context about the importance of today’s Libra, it is much more about the opposite of “order” – after all, you risk the rape of all order, the chaos in the currency area, even the risked world war for money! And that should interest us all very well!

The (data) disaster “Facebook” continues. Or rather, the calamity is even more likely to be surpassed – see introductory “old Wilhelm” …. An internet giant whose origin is more than doubtful and whose true objectives are becoming increasingly questionable. Should one, as a conspiracy theorist, be denigrated as a conspiracy theorist if the relevant knowledge about all the dubious machinations for which this (a) social network that has conquered the world has given rise to this day has been criticized? An internet giant that has been washing democracy for a long time, has blown hate, disinformation, data theft and negative propaganda into the world and is still able to act unabashedly in the same sense? Now you want to create your own currency this year. What else are they allowed to do? Where is the legislation, where is the order? With its own currency, the Libra, you want to become the world’s bank, even the most powerful financial empire on earth! A currency that knows neither coins nor bills, but only wants to frolic in the immaterial, de facto uncontrollable realm of the Internet – and can easily overcome all limits and fees. Indeed, one can “look forward” to this project, which is to be managed from June and from Geneva: Libra – free path for drug and arms dealers, tax refugees and terrorists, an attractive challenge for legislators. Knowing that currency and defense, money and the military, are at the core of state sovereignty, one can really only wonder how it can be that the apparently silent politics can face the enormous risks of anarchy through private means of payment on the Internet, a collapse of the world financial system, can actually take on.

What, please, is that supposed to?

Politics are challenged once again, and in the sense of best regulating the Libra to death, if you don’t dare to simply ban Facebook from this latest product of calamity, this “imaginary monetary system”!

Frank Bertemes


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