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o Franz Fayot becomes the new party president this evening. He did not hear much from his predecessor Claude Haagen. One, like the other, they were not directly elected to Parliament on October 14: the Hague came to the North at 7700 votes, Fayot at the center at 9300. Franz Fayot had the advantage that there was no contest; therefore, he is chosen to continue to weaken his score. And many questions arise.

Is the man right about the place, in that function? However, he is not known as the absolute great speaker who can tap into people new to the subject. But independent from there: is a change at the top of the party enough to take the LSAP out of crisis? Because the man joins himself in an interview with Paperjam, that his party lost the last election. Just a reminder: At the national level, the percentage of votes year-on-year was at 16.77 percent, the absolute worst result since the post-war period, and far from almost 40 percent in 1948. But well, even a CSV will never again which rose 42 percent in the year 54; During the year, several parties joined us, especially new parties arrived, and the cake had to be divided. However, the challenges are particularly great for the enjoyers, they are so deep that one is almost embarrassed to speak of a people’s party.

In an interview with Paperjam, Franz Fayot says, the party needs to talk more about issues that are at heart. He does not say which should be the case, but will admit that his party ran the political plaque last year.

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That’s a start. But, in what direction does Fayot want to direct the party? More to the left, and anti-capitalism? What weight should be given to the voice of the Young Socialists? In a party, there are always different political trends! Is Fayot capable of persevering, getting comrades in / behind him? He now speaks optimistically about a team job. Together, one of them was the slogan for the last election campaign, and it goes without saying that it went beautifully into the box! It seems to me that the party should first look more closely, and then sign up. The party must become a new image, must restructure itself structurally and comprehensively.

Tonight are the elections, even for the Vice Presidents. If it stays alone, it’s a non-event! There has to be more to come (both for CSV). And it begs the question of how long Etienne Schneider will remain minister. The paperjam also writes of a rumor that it is making its way through the state chill bars to the collar market that a red minister would not stay in government for too long. A name is not mentioned in the article, but that rumor concerns Etienne Schneider; and there Franz Fayot is in talks to take over the succession. Of course, these are just speculations and rumors, but should it apply, the party would have a new problem.

Let’s not look too black: Fayot will be elected tonight and will be LSAP president for the next 2 years. Good luck!


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