LSAP versus the green !?

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SAP President Franz Fayot is in the mood for radio this morning! He remained true to his central statements from his newspaper article from last Saturday, but, according to many, Hin-in-Hir was strongly relative. An SUV is no longer a dirt beater, but its owner should pay more taxes; one could think that he would want to put the green pressure under political pressure – this is how it all came from his article, but now this has to mean: every single person has to wonder if his lifestyle is the right one, in the sense of climate protection! However, the principle of polluter-payer is a good consideration, and should be implemented with more courage. So, however, an appeal to the dear green coalition partner to change something to the car tax. For the rest, the LSAP chief is behind the government agreement and, above all, he does not want to make a policy against the people. In fact, he de facto withdrew his half a dozen taxes which he had brought into play in housing matters; apart from the houses of the land tax, although the legal one is also not contentious.

In a live interview on the radio, Franz Fayot in any case was significantly less cautious and convincing, than in the written word in the newspaper! And former LSAP minister Robert Goebbels has once again taken the lead in Tageblatt: Die Märchen des Don Turmes: with punitive ecology in a sustained sack of gas, his article has been rewritten.

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The green minister is compared to Don Quichote, who has been fighting against windmills, who would like to grow the Turmes mordicus on each head like asparagus. Neither he nor the MPs would have read one of many reports from the IPCC (United Nations Climate Change Office), which states that only the electricity from nuclear reactors can sustainably reduce CO2 emissions.

Robert Goebbels, as a leading minister, was criticized and attacked by many of the Greens: he was called by them the Minister of Concrete, for a major building project, including the North Street, and accordingly billed them to rise. His reflections, however, are mostly refreshing, as he likes to swim against the mainstream, writes.

To do this, however, it is appropriate to justify green policies. For example, this year € 492 million will be invested in environmental and climate protection! Lots of money! Why to do it? By 2022, there are supposed to be 710 million, and the citizen has as a taxpayer the right to know what happens to the money! The red ones seem to be heading in that direction: the electorate is licking its wounds and scratching the paint of those green ones.



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