Minaret and lots of delights

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he Pastafarian – Religion or sect? nobody knows! – contacted the state mayor yesterday by letter. They want to rent at least one church – preferably 2 – 3, which is no longer needed by Catholics. You can already get such a building for 1500 – 2000 euros a year. A bargain! And the municipality of Luxembourg has a 21 to roast. Although, it will have to read the little print here. The Church of the Spaghetti Monster


intends to open a pizzeria in the former church, with a nightclub, and so the letter was signed to Madame Mayor, stating that the pasta is with you !. In any case, it would be a ristorante with an extremely low rent … disabling competition ?!

In addition, the customs and the cornices for the mayor of Luxembourg will be even bigger! Well, it has been known for some days that another great church should go up, at the request of the Muslim community! Faruk Licina, President of the Shoura, states in an interview with the Luxembourgish word (13.03): “we want a central mosque!” The new building can be used for offices, but there are offices today; Luxembourg would be the only country where there is no central mosque yet! So it was about time, though with minaret.

First talks between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture have been held for weeks, now the municipality of Luxembourg is asked to help the Islamic community find the necessary ground for the mosque. Well, such a central one

Image by Konevi from Pixabay

The building should not be small. Mrs. Polfer will be enlisted, and the district will hardly be dreaming of having such a large mosque attended. Most discussions will probably go on because of the minaret. The voices of the Catholic churches have largely ceased, or yet, the bells are sounded for a considerable time, so that the working people can sleep. Whether that will be the case with the man calling from the top down to the area remains to be seen. Perhaps there is a possibility to transform a church that is empty into a mosque ?! A challenge for the architects in any case.

Let’s see what public discussions bring to everything…


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