After Marriage for all, now divorce for all!

image credits:études Gaston Vogel


hortly before last summer’s holiday, the new divorce law was passed in Parliament. It is one of the most modern in all of Europe and it is particularly gratified by the excellent Gaston Vogel Satisfaction, which has committed itself to such a reform over two decades.

So far, this has been a good idea to get away from one another. Our goal was to find out who should have the most debt now, so that the marriages and breaks went through, read between the counseling: who left early, who did not respect each other, who did who sch … sse done etc. The procedure was often a pain for the couple and it lasted for most years. With that legal ramble (excuse the expression) it’s over now. The couple passes a maximum of two times to the judge and then gets divorced, even then if one of the conjoint disagrees with the divorce. Therefore, the judge is only there to rule the civil consequences of the divorce. For the guilt and sons of that couple, the judge is no longer responsible; the terms guilt, there is no more debt …. thankfully we haven’t been talking about sin for a long time. DE Maître Vogel emphasizes in his premier commentary on the reform of the divorce

Loi du 27.06.2018 sur le droit du divorce

that the reform was striking, but not enforceable, from a long, Christian tradition. Its conclusion:

“A fallout attendant is taking longer to arrive at a reform in terms of its position and its position as a constellation of politics without permitting further advancement!”

The biggest opponent, of course, was the Catholic Church …. and the CSV must have been criticized for taking too long to disassociate from it.



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