Nearest government transformation in a few months


even if the Vice Prime Minister did so, as if nothing came of it when he announced his intention not to complete his government mandate, Etienne Schneider knew that with that ‘banal’ sentence, the gunmen would do so well in the Government as well as in the main and socialist workers’ parties. Etienne Schneider had already determined that sort of secession in Schna would, for long, he was no longer able to hold the government and the party. Almost the day after his announcement, the pressure among the party soldiers began, there are enough people ready for the attack, but it is worth seeking who or the right (s), still the man is Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic and Health.

With Schneider, the second vice premier leaves this government, following the “forced” resignation of Felix Braz. Two of the three, who understood themselves humanly and politically well, who had the courage to enter into a three-way coalition on a voting Sunday evening in October 2013, sending intentions to send the CSV to the desert; the same political game should repeat itself for 5 years. With Xavier Bettel, Xavier Bettel is alone in the world at Luxembourg, and he is, indeed, from his time on the mayor of Luxembourg, and Bausch in Schefferot’s principal deputy. This aspect is not the same as in the past. with Felix Braz.

New deputy premier on LSAP side can only become Dan Kersch, who is not as moderate a socialist as Schneider. Personally, I think that Dan Kersch would do the job well, but there are questions at the government level and also from the LSAP, where the ‘red’ fleckeck will expect a boost.

However, Etienne Schneider is also Minister of Economy and Health! It is imagined that Dan Kersch could take over the health sector in addition, but who has the necessary skills for the economy? Given the choice made after the last election result, Marc Angel should at least be asked first: a deadly sympathetic person, with long experience in politics, but the resource economy is not his priority. And yet he came to understand that he was ready to relinquish a post as MEP and thus be ready to assume government responsibility. Not elected elected is Franz Fayot, who already has economic skills, but who in that case should resign as a pate president. He can all count on the support of the “clan Fayot” in the party. The considerations show that the staff blanket (also) at the LSAP starts to become thin!


n spring, Jeannot Krecké takes his place on the board of directors of ArcelorMittal – he has a term of three years, but wants to cancel temporarily; the place would have been made as for Etienne Schneider, but the man certainly had some way to secure his retirement: within the 6 years of the Ministry of the Economy certain “friendships” would develop.

Politically, the man leaves a big hole with his departure. In the first year of Gambia 1 one had the feeling more than once, it would rather he was the captain on board than Xavier Bettel, who needed longer to find himself in the new position as premier. His use for the economy was exemplary – even though he was more and more frequently overwhelmed with the greenery last year – and even ‘his’ space mining is contributed by the largest opposition party. The time for the politeshe “Renouveau” is coming faster for the Socialists than it is for them to love it!


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