On the social networks is increasingly, illegally whistled!

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Smoking is not good for health, against the truth no herb has grown. But is there a solution to drastically increase the price of the package to keep people from fluctuating? The French head of state would like that in Hexagone and also in Europe the package of 20 cigarettes should rise to 10 euros. The latter is thus very much punished, as recently written by French newspapers, especially L’EXPRESS. There are more and more of these coffins being sold on the Internet, and for much cheaper money.



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Which is also not very difficult, considering that a pack of Zigs in Bulgaria costs € 2.70. You buy it from there, and you sell it to us. Luxembourg is not bad at this; all you have to do is add “Luxembourg / Tabac” to the search engine and a number of windows are already open. One page is written: our social is in Europe, our cigarettes are from Luxembourg! Marcho seems to be flourishing well, profit margin is extremely high. L’EXPRESS writes from a site, tabac-boutique.com, which has 240,000 connections each month; As France has increased its price by about 1 euro a year, connections increased by 80,000 and 95% of them came from France.


“But also on Facebook, cast iron is made with the flow!”

The problem is already serious enough for the customs. On the post, not every package can be relied on, drunk on nicotine or not.

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Well, with Facebook and other networks, things get even more complicated! There, meanwhile, formed closed groups, where as “accepted friends” can place their order. You will also receive their order at home, so there must be small motorways left to deliver: pizza, so a cartouche. Everybody on Facebook says there should be 350 “closed companies”, with thousands of thousands of members. In other words, Macron’s decision to make the cigarettes extremely expensive would be counterproductive.



“Excited French state loses massive tax revenue!… “.

The French state, in the meanwhile, would lose 600 million euros a year, according to L’EXPRESS; in this case, the houses would have to amount to one euro per pack, in spring, the exact 600 million should bring! From the planned plus, therefore, became a bold minus.




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