Open letter from Daniel Miltgen to Minister Sam Tanson






t the center of our politics stands the man with his dignity and freedom. The indestructibility of the human dignity is our starting point ”.

These are the first two sentences of the preamble to the basic set of programs from BÜNDNIS 90 / THE GREEN. These sentences are your wife, Mrs. Sam TANSON, certainly not forthcoming and doubtless your Sunday speeches should be public speaking.

Your spirit attitude nevertheless reveals itself in relation to the final treatment of Causa MILTGEN, which is singled out and choreographed by your predecessors Maggy NAGEL and Marc HANSEN. In public, widespread lies, helpless allegations and malicious misconduct led to the well-known campaign of smuggling, which was unnecessarily spooked by state-run press releases, with the sole aim of finding the seemingly inconvenient public servant MILTGEN. Freed by the motto of the songwriter Reinhard Mey, “because it stands in the newspaper,” the ministerial despair and disobedience of many people, especially those of MILTGEN, could not truly be found on fertile ground.

On December 17, 2018, I most urgently referred to a ministerial press release for the public extension of the decision of the “Chamber of the District Court of Luxembourg” of November 30, 2018, the criminal proceedings against MILTGEN in the matter of “prize illusion” ‘intérêts et trafic d’influence’, in connection with the foundations of the ‘Livingroom SA’ in Leudelingen.

I was worshiped by Ihnen, as a Green Minister (!), I am at liberty to destroy, at least partly repair mine, the Words and Honor of the Gambia I Government. No more and no less!

But unfortunately you were, even to the detriment of us, only to arrive at a confirmation receipt. Also, your lapidary response to the parliamentary request of the CSV Deputy Marc LIES, in terms of my rehabilitation, reads well.

With disgust, with your reactions, you doubted yourself, they would approve of the previous government’s working technique to combat supposed political opponents. At DDR times, this technique was named, which is optimally managed by the members of the Ministry of State Security: “Decomposition”! The Proven Form, Guideline 1/76, for the Development and Processing of Operational Proceedings of January 1976, states as follows:

“Systematic discredit of public calling, respect and prestige on the basis of interconnected goods, verifiable and discrediting, as well as inaccurate, credible, non-rebuttable and such discriminatory claims; systematic organization of professional and social failure to interrogate the confidence of individuals; (…) Relief of Doubt and Personal Perspective; ”

Luxembourg, January 19, 2019


Honorary Government Advisor



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