Patient file – gripe of the CSV

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the Patient records can be a good thing, provided it lives up to the rules of privacy art. And at that point, the government has gone back to sleep a lot. They received a favorable opinion from the Council of State and also the National Data Protection Commission, in view of the fact that they have read little in the last Health Commission. The government, which wanted to run such an important project only through a grand-ducal regulation, had to admit that in its text it had completely forgotten the minors; has just been so bogged down as to impose penalties, in case one has not adhered to the privacy. That penalty, however, can never be ruled over by rgd, always only through law!

this alone is sufficient to repeal the grand-ducal regulation and to transmit a bill of law to the Institutional Court. It is not the CSV that takes out the same issues as in the case stories of lawsuit and police. The objective of the opposition party is to launch a discussion in politics, and in public. I, myself, am delighted, – yes, horrified! – how few questions have been raised.

In the patient record come all the medical results, every order, every appointment. This can be positive: it sits before the doctor / doctor “x” and sees 2 years ago with the doctor “y”; someone goes to the pharmacy and the employer notices that the drug “a” is incompatible with a drug “b”. So positively positive! But many questions arise: who are all the “professional sectors”? As a patient, can I decide what is included in my accessible file? Is the privacy equivalent to professional secrecy? What punishments do they foresee?

in the past years, 59,000 dossiers have been opened with patients on a voluntary basis. There’s nothing wrong with saying, presumably, all those people were also a connoisseur of the cause. But now, with the recent Grand Ducal Rules, a file is automatically opened for each patient, be it explicitly saying “No! Thank you!”. Does this patient now have to be clear and clear in every doctor, every nurse, every pharmacist?

On all these issues, attempts have been made to get past a discussion. A grand rule behind the back of the country, behind the back of the patient, who actually had to stand in the middle! I regret this enormously! So often we are so flattered to worry about things; here, however, where there is an important element of data protection, we let the caravans pass. This is why the makers of CSV made sense! Not against the patient case, but against the procedures of the government. Because the LSAP MP Mars di Bartolomeo – the former Minister of Health – has realized this and speaks of necessities …


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