Pension tips: half full or half empty?

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Even in interest rates for over a year, I have to acknowledge that our interest rate system is more than gross. Many of us enjoy the 5 / 6th pension, and for an employee who has been quoted on the basis of the minimum wage, it may happen that his interest rate is higher than his salary in active living. We can appreciate our fortune, especially for pensioners in the Federal Republic of Germany; our neighbor will have a serious poverty problem in the next 20 years, though, if millions of people who are willing to make a living with minimal earnings today, then go into interest and have to make even less money. Unless our problem is solved differently: we promise the double of them was to have state, employer and payer. This may not be good in the long run, but politicians and unions are striving for a new pension system reform.

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The president of the compensation fund was, until recently, Robert Kieffer, he is a mathematician and has seen mathematically, right. Politics has a lesser idea, but it looks like its duty, which is to wait for the public to regularly shake. These interest-rate reserves rose by € 1.2 billion within 12 months to almost $ 18 billion; This means that the interest is insured for 4.5 years, without having to pay an additional cent. In Germany, interest rates are sometimes only secured for a few months. “Why do you think so?” had the unions and politicians not been able to adjust the hot iron, but even after the reform of Minister Mars di Bartolomeo in the year 2012 remains a condition of its non-continuing systems, that our labor market must grow by 3 percent annually. And then the mathematician reckons that we will have a population of over 3 million in 60 years. On Radio 100.7 he made his last summer holidays: do we always want to be mentioned in this growth? And what happened when did this growth stagnate?

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o the first question is whether we want to continue growing 3 percent year after year? Former Minister of State Jean-Claude Juncker and his then CSV President Erna Hennicot-Schoepges raised the alarm with the 700,000-inhabitant state over 20 years ago. The so-called pension table that followed was a table that nobody left hungry. Nothing changed, except that the mother’s pension was introduced with additional expenses. We will soon reach the 700,000, we are now talking about the 1.2 million state. The current government promises a future debate as part of the Rifkin process, but refuses to engage in a broad discussion about the pension system. Maybe there is hope for the future, because the IGSS (inspection general de la securité sociale) completed its inventory 15 months ago, the content of which is being discussed in a working group.

Politics – like the nation’s force vives in general – must be aware that reform cannot and must not take effect quickly. People who are retired today cannot get a cent less. The sentence years ago in the fight against the pension reform of civil servants by the then DP politician Henri Grethen applies: pacta sunt servanda, contracts are there to be kept! In other words: if I was promised 5/6 tel, I would also like to have 5/6 tel. The last reform will therefore only take full effect in 2052, a long time.


We reportedly pay 24 percent of the salary during our working life and later, in interest, over the double. In the past year, interest expenses were almost 22 percent, in some years they were lying about 24 percent, which we cite together with the state and employer. In the last 10 years, those Reserves were grafted to mice. Thus, and the next government, this political constellation will not be reformed.

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Citizens who enjoy their interest today are well protected and screened. Ihnen kan was keiner! So much greater is the envy of the younger generation, who (rightly) affirm that in a few decades the money will be spent on the high edge. As a result, a reform debate can only be led to the fact that nothing is paid less, but more paid. The contribution performance – currently up to 8 percent for state, employer and employer – had to be accumulated, was on one hand burdened by the public household and on the other hand that Bosse brings to the palm. After all, they are the ones who have been pushing for reform for years, since they feared that the bill would later fall out of salt. They see our interest-rate system structurally imbalanced and warn of a collapse of public finances, with a national debt of 181 percent of Britain’s GDP. Robert Kieffer additionally demands that the retirement age be resumed, but as has been said, mathematics is also not the wisdom of the last conclusion, though not in politics!







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