Pissed off!

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the culprit in the affair surrounding the “incredibly secret” cashier seems to have been found: a retired clerk! The letter from the Prosecutor General and the President of the Court of Justice to the President of the Chamber was not submitted either in form or in content, on the contrary he was unhappy when expressed by the Minister of Justice, Sam Tanson, the new leader of the Martine Solovieff. The LSAP politician Alex Bodry, always in his political business for 26 years, comes to the same conclusion, in addition to the valid excuse that the political opposition in this specific case should have expelled parliamentary questions as from a Stalin organ (no quotation!) , and thus in the case of the judiciary came to feel “become a game of party political strategy”. What so many want to say: the letter was not okay, but if you put it in this context, the outlaw was not so bad. Dont act, and get back to basics!


t should be remembered, however, that this retired clerk was not the trigger of the affair, but a rather harmless article on this website (https://guykaiser.lu/letzebuerg-a-kgb-zaiten/), where a man presented himself as a candidate for a place on the parquet. During the interview, Prosecutor General Advocate told him certain things no man knew from what cylinder he had thrown them out. . The article was not read very often at first, until the mistress had interfered for the first time, and only then did the statements on the count of the clerk. So it was absolutely not this retired man who brought the stone to the scroll, right ?! However, Pol Reiland stands by his assertions regarding the “Casier” situation in the 70’s!

So let’s leave the letter of Solovieff / Wiwinius as a displaced action and come back to the real questions: how many secret cases are there? And what kind of administrations? Who has access to it? For what purposes can the data from these cases be used? Can one get a job refund from the state for minor youth sins for which one has not been punished in court?

I am assuming that the judiciary – the minister, the prosecutor and all others – collaborate with politics, so that, at the parliamentary level, majority and opposition can come together to a solution. Your aim is to comply with the latest privacy legislation, or if you abolish it, no longer more, but not less! It makes little sense, then, to attack the clerk, submitting to him confusive statements, just as if he were having trouble bringing his mind to a number. The man feels “slightly pissed,” and I can understand him. The killer is not always the gardener!


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