Political domination of the DP?

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The DP has in recent days targeted itself in the election campaign to the very young people, to the so-called “first-voters”. She sent a letter to the girls and boys at home. Here, I wonder if this is correct: with 18/19 years, one is more easily manipulated than at 60! However, the CNPD has no problem, and nearly all the parties have held for the national elections in their agreement that they are not specifically addressed to the young. Since such an agreement was not reached for the European elections – which is actually a shame – the Democratic Party also does not need to adhere to such a ban and writes promptly to young people, with of course the demand, on Sunday Fill in the ballot box to think of them, signed with the best regards of Charles and Monica. One can say now: if the others are stupid !, but I do not find it democratic. I had the experience myself 46 years ago. Back then, Thorn’s guest had written to me, and as a member of the Communist Party, I became him too, because I felt so honored, 2 votes! Today, I think we are completely exaggerating the privacy. If a person dies, it is impossible to know the family’s address, be it in the telephone book; just as impossible to organize a convention. Well, that data protection is now there, and it should be respected or altered!



A n example of the DP is a question I find: Xavier Bettel addresses people among the European citizens who have registered for the voters. Also appeal to him to voice his voice, which means liberal, and also ask me questions. For example: can or should the Prime Minister, who himself is not a candidate for the European elections, intervene in the election campaign? And what name does he make of it? He is not president of his party, he is nothing but a minister of state! DP first? And most of all: what ways is he, has the DP come to that address? It’s not right for me!


Whether targeting the young or the foreign electorate, I will bear in mind that the saints are allowed on the streets, but from door to door it is forbidden. And there once is no agreement between the parties … or maybe it seems almost!



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