Politically a bad situation!

image credits: pixabay.com


eugene Berger has known health problems. He is on the intensive care unit! More to say, out of respect for the privacy of this man and his family. Berger is the party’s leader of the Democratic Party, so politically not the least one. However, the man is predominantly a MP, and he is now lacking, with his experience, his political knowledge, but above all he is lacking in the majority of the oblivious three-coalition. That means, at a vote, there could be at most a Situation of 30: 29 votes. The opposition might make it even easier: leave the plenary before the vote, so don’t even vote against a project, but the majority will themselves relinquish any majority that no longer has the support!

It is humane for Eugene Berger to wish him all the best. It is questionable how long it will take until government members join the opposition to ask not to seize political capital out of this bad situatioun – there are already held plenary sessions this week! As much as I appreciate the parties, they will receive a grant, and this is sure to be good for a few weeks, but what if in two months if until then Eugene Berger would still be in coma? Somehow, politics should be done again …


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