Politics along with the people

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here are policy decisions that are well-made, but they do not necessarily reach their goals, respectively, which arrive only in one segment of the people and others are smooth and not at all. A good example of this is the private supplementary pension. It pays to do what you can, and a certain amount of your tax can be deducted. At 60 years of age, you may then benefit from it. Until a year and a half ago, however, the impossible situation was that only half of the monthly payment was paid back, and the other half was calculated in monthly rates. And Debacle!

A small example: it was paid 30,000 € during his lifetime. At 60 years old he was paid 15,000 €, gross, because on a third, taxes had to be paid. The other € 15,000 was paid in monthly installments and the insurance companies had calculated that a person today has a life expectancy of 88 years. In other words: from 60 years old to 88, 28 years remain. And then you got the monthly supplement pension of 43.40 €! Gross, well understood! So two pizza and two roses at a cheap Italian! That way, one can hardly make it to his third age! This system was invented by those blacks – along with the financial sector – and it was reformed by the Green-and-Blue government. Most of all, you pay the entire amount paid for in one sitting.


However, the subject would be huge. But, there are still politicians who praise this second pillar in the sky. You may only benefit from the middle layer of this system, with certainty not to be missed every month. And that’s questionable! When it came to the German CDU, choosing one or new party president (s), candidate Friedrich Merz applied for a private supplementary pension at one hundred percent. It is understandable to have a party policy, because a CDU is rather a center party, which mainly addresses the middle class and the upper class; seen from a political point of view, however, it is a grave mistake, for once again the man of the road conveys the feeling: you have to make sure that you yourself agree!

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“…et muss endlech eng Politik kommen, fir déi ënnescht Schichten…”



he functioning of our political and social system is no longer viable: the gilets of France and Belgium have endured it. Of course, the professional cassettes are under pressure, but in the majority of President Macron’s recent announcements he has undergone the task of patience. The minimum wage is now being raised – well, is that enough to calm people down? Especially before the background of a more than uncertain future for these people, with the increasing development of the digital world? The unqualified minimum wage has been at € 2071.10 since January 1, qualifying for about a fifth higher. Lots of money, and yet close to the poverty line!

In the meantime, most of us benefit from web banking. Doesn’t that mean that banks have to slowly separate from staff? Agencies are slowly being phased in. We get the so-called intelligent electrical contractor installed (what a great expression!), Whereby at Creos and & can also be hired staff. Hundreds of changes are still waiting for us, and it may well be that new jobs are created, which will nevertheless be left for the lesser diplomat to build their life. It is good that the government has set up a special ministry for digital; it would be even better if this ministry were to be included in discussions around our national growth.

PIB? ET is not only about making Fric, it’s about prioritizing next year to spread the money intelligently. In Luxembourg, the problem is less acute than in our neighbors, and yet! In our modern world, there are also those who find it difficult to find a solution, financially and mentally; this is seen more and more in the reactions to the networks….






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