Politics in the Summer!


It should be noted that this electoral campaign is about to collapse. Officially, it starts only after the big holidays; officially, however, it has lived since the country is back from the punctual cruise. The tone in, and between the parties, has slightly sharpened and there are political demands and promises. The moment the country has climbed the pavements, many people are on vacation, so for a few weeks now they don’t want to know anything about politics, just to switch off. Then they come back, they cut three times over the horse market, so at the Schueberfouer, can admire the growth over which the tram is sliding and only then should the campaign go well. So far pretty boring! This meant that the campaign was divided into two: a little before the holiday, a little after that; no mood comes up. 5 years ago, the situation was a completely different one. There was jabbering against the junk, so mood guaranteed. And today? I’ve been reading an info sheet from the CSV (to the point) and one of the comrades (We’ve heard the word) at night: this helps to effectively, quickly and well, fall into a deep nanaronki, at least until the end. State fraternity, even if the politicians are back in the country. Then a little bit is hit on the thick drum, it may come to some face-to-face, stiff table rounds and then we already paint our crosses, atheists can do that with an “x”.

Prior to the holiday season, the various parties – traditionally obliged – invited to their press conference, allied – typical Luxembourg? – with a good scowl for the journalist. Each party pats themselves for the occasion, stressing the scenes, how much and how well the last few months and years have worked, the Greens with that same leader and appeal to the voters, they please and to reelect the government, as it is not yet “all gold”, and the largest opposition party answers somewhat that they – if only they had left – would have done much differently. C’est bonne guerre says the Frenchman, belongs to the business like the Hostie to the Tabernacle, but does nothing for a publicist “cure”, for a sustainable political message.

And then! it hurts!

The Democratic Party had its Congress at the beginning of July. Another opportunity to hit the shoulders again. Therefore, congresses are there to motivate the people of foot. At the congress, the electoral program had to be adopted… but it was not finished properly for reasons! Party president Corinne Cahen, who claims to be extremely impatient with herself, was able to pick up only cornerbacks with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel: fiscal discharges, as good for the private as well as for the business. Hands damn well, but by what percentage? That could not be said. “We have no time to shuffle long,” the Prime Minister understood, and thus the party had no time to elaborate the program in detail. The detail, which is now really important to the voters, should be able to read on the Internet in the coming weeks. Even unusual, and many DP people have been surprised!

Image source:Twitter corinne cahen


here is a certain mood in the party against President Cahen, even as far as the leave is concerned. It must be warm if in the autumn the election result is to fail badly. A loss of two mandates would still be acceptable, all that goes into it will require personal consequences. The energy for the presidency is therefore great!

The other parties are programmatically not doing better! Even a CSV could not yet spell an entire electoral program out of the hat. There is an argument that it’s common sense to smear one’s fat on the table just before the holidays and leave the voters alone. It is certainly not wrong, as the few of us take part in a party program in Ibiza or Madeira for the sake of getting rid of the sangria and sunscreen in Piscine, but it is confirmation that it does nothing, the election campaign in two CSV presents its program now with headaches. Well! And their spokesman Claude Wiseler is backstage, offering his first visions of community mergers as well as the future prospects for the later retirees.

In September, people need time to get out of the holiday mood; People with children then take priority over the school entrance, father and mother also have to get back to work, and so the spurt is small, also having to worry about politics, reading several hundred page programs from the various Parties. Then it’s easier to donate a bike! Likewise, the programs in the major parties would fall extremely flat: that one says less can be attacked by the opponent !!


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