Privacy: The police are actually a little behind!

Image parMichael Schwarzenberger de Pixabay


uppose there is a blast on the street in his car: does anyone have the right to take a look at the photo? Yes, that is so envisaged by the law. It is possible to have a doubt that someone is sitting behind the tax and obtaining a “fake” registration plate for €15.

The photo may therefore be important to check the police protocol, even more so where the radars are often more likely to malfunction. However, it can be a little more complicated with the complaint.


DThe relatively young Data Protection Act of August 1, 2018 states that the data collected by the police about a person must be easily accessible to those affected! The asbl “active privacy”               =aktiven%20dateschutz%20asbl&epa=SEARCH_BOX has for some time been dealing with a specific case, even with a person who is not so happy with the police career and eager to get the photo taken. The answer to the police grand-ducale is not their satisfaction:

Light accessible looks different. Therefore, you have to go to the center of Luxembourg to get treatment, and you don’t even have to make a copy of the photo! During this photo, the photo can contribute to a clearing of example, for example when it comes to a employer who can shake some of his employees on one or the same car. Alone the photo can help find the ‘guilty’ driver.

Image Michael Schwarzenberger  Pixabay

imyself received a courier from the German police 4 years ago. I should have been fired, like a pig. Fortunately, the photo was immediately there, and in fact: that uncle I was not and the Luxembourg police were able to clear that with the German colleagues at the moment. In that, I had already set myself a war with the administrations.

“…it would therefore be time for the police to comply with this new law…”




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