Process SREL: the tensions are rising, even in the parties!

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this Week starts the process and basically runs on the entire month of March. In principle! Well, it can be done! Either it gets a lot on the wallpaper or it finds an “irreversibility” and the process is postponed again on Mokuchs day. Last week there was a little surprise with this fax that went to the different lawyers ….:

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The former prime minister must therefore not even be present on the first day – where all the witnesses should be present. Is it healthy for Jean-Claude Juncker to come to terms with his former prime minister? In addition, the man was called “just” as a witness.


should the process go on and on, then a big bang can be reckoned with, at any rate it is indirectly also about the bombers. Generally, one hears that abject members of the government would be violently taken into account, it would be tried point by point to point out that the 2013 SREL affair was a “cheat”: red, blue and green politicians grew out of that ominous talk and in the following year acted as if they were falling from all clouds. The sweats should also meet the persons who in the background were drawn to the fissures and fed the press with information.

A process always develops a dynamism of its own: the lawyers have prepared themselves so well, but cannot know what the various witnesses, and especially the prosecutors, will answer to all such questions. For those who are accused, they have been waiting for this position for many years with great nervousness: do they make tabula rasa, do they completely quit? If so, how far do they go and in what direction? In any case, it used to be for former people from the secret service, and in ancient times, even later services were neglected. Such people know more than just the recipe for cooking meat!

At the beginning of the process, Loris Mariotto’s telephone monitoring should be worked out. Did the then prime minister become the “fully-fledged” authority for that or not? The registration with the clock? Was the story really such secret in political circles? In the investigation, what did the various actors – in the main, François Bausch in his quality as president of the SREL control commission – say in front of the police judiciary? At the beginning, beside JCJ a number of politicians from the actual government should be facing the lawyers.

Turn the pendulum slowly in the direction of “bombers”, then the (almost) very political substance will be in danger! A CSV, with the Prime Minister always the head of the Secret Service, a DP and an LSAP which, over the decades, have not denied in favor of the coalition bed.


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