Public transport free of charge, without the AVL?

image credits: AVL


n 14 months, public transport is free! Much has been written and discussed about the pro and contra, but as of today, it is certain that, for the moment, the municipality of Luxembourg is not participating. That official community was just listed: CFL, RGTR, Luxtram and TICE. It lacks the AVL, hence the buses of the municipality of Luxembourg. And the networks have already started a serious discussion about it, in the genre: from buttonhousing down to Petange, for free, but retire in the city then.

Of course, that is not true, but it has been announced for weeks: the Minister of State has agreed and has not discussed it at all. So get in touch now! Matt is right, because it is ultimately the capital that loses 16 million revenue in this way. Well! To say that there is no need for poor people because Luxembourg is reaching a billion on a budget so far. In addition, the blue on the knots are not very green with people like Bausch, Tanson and consorts. It is heard behind the scenes, as if the municipality of Luxembourg does not want to take public transport, of course, but it would be nice to even talk about it.

In addition, the municipality has another problem, namely that of the so-called lignes.

image credits: AVL

These are the buses, which circulate in the city center, but which run above all other municipalities or the opposite way, which leads people back to the city. A bras-de-fer between the Knuedler and the Minister of Mobility is sign: the municipality wants to keep up the competence for these lies, and François Bausch would like to direct him!

The municipality has programmed the “lignes coordonnées” in such a way that as many people as possible can take advantage of their residents to climb in or out on the way. The minister keeps his tram rails in front of him: the leagues should now be installed in such a way that they arrive at the tram as soon as possible. Who’s right? And who’s sitting through ?! Mayor Lydie Polfer surprisingly quickly announced in the afternoon that the capital wanted to participate in public transport. What was left to her otherwise? The small incident – Communique without AVL! – has clearly shown that co-operation is not the best; there remains the other question to be clarified and there was weeks ago that the lights were on red!




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