Ramba-Zamba! Astrid lulling flies out of the national council of women!

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They have been circulating since 3 weeks, but because they are also of the Grand Duke’s court, the people are not as bubbly as usual. On Monday evening it became official: the National Council of Femmes excluded Madam Astrid Lulling and her federation of the national luxembourgish women. The reason: a conversation between former politician and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in the summer at Berg Castle. The federation was set up during the time of Mrs. Liliane Thorn-Petit, by the wife of former Prime Minister Gaston Thorn.

The Grand Duchess was of the opinion that it was not widely accepted in women’s rights in Luxembourg. This statement could not and did not want to stop Mrs Lulling from doing so, and eventually, the various women’s organizations which over the past 50 years would have contributed much to the equality of women vis-à-vis men and society. I did not know any details about the tonality, but Mrs. Lulling is known for her flat tongue. In view, the Grand Duchess essentially emphasized that women in Luxembourg’s monarchy did not have the same rights as men and wanted to pay attention to themselves. What was a bit unbelievable, we always had a wife as head of state! And Mrs. Lulling pointed to a very real injustice that often concerns men in the monarchy, and thus the wife of a king is called a queen, while the queen’s wife may just be called a prince! The Chamber-report writes on this occasion: General Hilarity! But where she’s right, she’s right!


n any case, it must have been a little higher: the Grand Duchess had asked the former politician not to relinquish any of the verbal reconciliation, which in fact had been involved. The Grand Duchess, on the other hand, was rightly distressed and informed the other women of the National Council of Femmes; It took a little while until Monday evening at a meeting for Astrid Lulling’s federation to be excluded from the daycare.

And it should not remain. Lawyers take care of affairs that should not have been, as often … However, there is another background, at least in the CNFL and that is more the Sylvie Mischel of the ADR than the Mrs. Lulling. Former People’s Representatives and MEPs had adopted Mrs Mischel from the ADR women in her federation. Her presence at the meetings seemed to have annoyed other women. It means, from insider circles, that this is (also) an ideological dispute: should a national roofing association of women’s organizations be open to ALL women, regardless of their political orientation or not? Ms. Lulling believes it should be possible for them all …


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