Secret register: it actually exists!

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the government contradicts: two weeks ago, Minister François Bausch completely ruled out the existence of an “additional” register. In response to a parliamentary question (Mosar and Roth) comes a new finding: it is in fact the secret case that would have its legal basis on a grand-ducal rule of 1992. The answer can be obtained in the name of the Minister of State, Minister for Communications, Minister of Internal Security and Minister of Justice.

the grand-ducal regulation was expired at the end of July; since then, the legal basis for the database with the police would have been a law from last August; as Tageblatt writes today, the government is taking over the legal interpretation of Alex Bodry, noting that in this law, he does not have a poncho-shirt worn by this magistrate with the police. Jurists will argue a lot about this point – and, of course, with them politicians – whether or not the law indirectly authorizes this database. However, no matter how you turn and play, the citizen is suddenly upset that he has not been included in the image at all in the last three decades; hence the term “secret” cashier!



urther it means that the police can store the data of the people for 10 years in that database. What law does one envy then?

And after those 10 years, will that data come into the archive? Where is the legal basis for this? D. Government promises to talk to the CNPD and IGP; a double eye: what she has not found necessary so far, she wants to take it now! There are therefore many contradictions and questions remain: the government is out of that balance. Tomorrow the Legal Commission will be held together. For a better understanding of this, I refer below to the parliamentary question and its answer.





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