Shock therapy by cold and heat

image credits: pixabay


n the middle of summer, temperatures are over 30 degrees! Really nice compensation for a really wasted winter, with felt 200 days of dirty weather. And now the air conditioning runs on high. I go to the hairdresser and have the feeling, the straitjacket would cut me icicles, and no flights! I get in the bus and feel like I’m in Alaska! What was life was so great at a time when it was not yet the gems, even in the private car. There was one heading south to the holiday, and every 100 miles the woman next to her put on a piece of dress more; when one arrived at Torremolinos, one knew what would happen if one got out of the car: low heat, stubborn air. Today one sits in his sedan at 18 degrees, and when one opens the door, one thinks that Harmageddon would have started.

On the buses, it is sometimes a disaster: you climb at 30 degrees and receive a cold shock! 16 degrees! And the cold air comes from below and from above! The difference in temperature is already severe and I am wondering if it is not time to uniformize the climates in public transport, so in every vehicle: bus, tram, adjust the temperature at the same level, and if possible, not too low ?!

At 30 degrees, the least of us would expect a bronchite, right? Then I appeal to Health Minister Lydia Mutsch to take care of statistics. When were many antibiotics prescribed? (For the CNS a trifle) .You should make the difference between the cold and hot season; I’m not so sure though, as there are more and more people exaggerating it for the climb. Is this the fault of the heat?


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