Si tacuisses …

Xavier Bettel,Yves Kortum

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel felt angry when he spoke recently to a lady who clarified that it is not always easy to get financially on the laps, only because the rent is so high. The Prime Minister showed there smooth and no understanding at all, of not talking! His laconic answer was, “You could have bought something 20 years ago. Yes, yes. You could have made a loan, then you will not have to pay today.” Thick tobacco, which points out that the man has little idea what it means for tens of thousands of people in the UK to get through life, and it reminds us strongly of Macron!

Of course, it is true to say that buying something is seen in the long term, cheaper than renting. But, for a whole lot of people, that just doesn’t work. A woman, for example, who is monoparental and earns from the social minimum wage, is unable to save a minimum of equity and does not receive or borrow nearly anything from the banks, despite any generous assistance from the state. Xavier Bettel should know this, and he would at least be able to do so, as if to understand his concern for Madame; It was not a matter of a conversation that the prime minister would dig into, to put a few bills on the table for the woman … it was about an exchange of views between the top and the bottom. And that conversation totally went to the box!

It recalls that conversation months ago between the French president and a gardener who clung to finding a job at his best will. Macron replied to the economic-liberal drought: I go to the other side of the road and immediately find a place. Go to work on the restoration, people are still looking for it! “Here, too, the answer was partly correct, but lay completely beside the plate and led months later to the rage of the gilets. A politician must know, where the people push the shoes, but above all he has to take those worries seriously and, under the circumstances, send laws to the public to make it easier for a part of the people! What the prime minister has done here is a loathing.

The bill of the two gentlemen, Macron and Bettel, does not matter either: when each unemployed person goes to work in the restaurant, they soon serve more servants in the bistro than the client and when each person has his own small home, the real estate agents do However, the Prime Minister, who has grown to heart, has become bankrupt because, with the hire, powerful money is being made. Macron came to an end: living long in unemployment is a handgun; at the begging, it is probably the conclusion: no one has their own day on their head, is suffering poorly. Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses!








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