Small cracks in the coalition facade

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lex Bodry is officially withdrawing from politics. Probably as early as January, he moved on to the State Council, where a post awaited him, which suited him as tailor-made. Alex Bodry leaves a big vacuum on politics: politicians with his experience and his knowledge of the Chamber are no longer many. I regret it!

Now, Alex Bodry has to be replaced as chairman of the Institutional Commission. Tradition – and probably the proper functioning of that commission – requires that there be a lawyer who directs this body. Unfortunately, it is for the Socialists that they cannot appoint a lawyer; Although there is a Franz Fayot, the unlucky party president will soon find himself in government, even if Etienne Schneider resigns (in February) from politics. So no law goes far … except with the Democrats, who have now proposed Simon Beissel. With the Socialists hat flung high: they would like to retain the presidency of this commission and have made a counter-proposal: President should become Mars di Bartolomeo, former Minister and President of the Chamber. This man certainly has the necessary experience, however, of training journalist.



n the other hand, Mrs. Beissel was kicking her head! After all, she was ready to take over the job as a learned lawyer. Their candidacy is backed by Democrats – which is not surprising – and, as does CSV and ADR, as well. It might therefore be as if the comrades were taking a bloody nose here.

But also for those green ones, blood pressure is very high. Yesterday was the visit to Parliament by Czech President Vondracek. His Luxembourg homologue Fernand Etgen had the charge of representing the various Luxembourg MPs (from the Bureau and from the Foreign Policy Committee), and as the tour was round to the Green Djuna Bernard, Mr Etgen said a little labily: “voici notre plant verte “. That was probably not evil by the sympathetic President, but the Greens got it into the wrong lane and should have replied later: Be careful! Even a cactus is a green plant and can pick nicely! ”.

Well. Today came the little ones! Time to wait for everything to happen until they are all on the verge of collapse. There, deciding to decide who should play the role of donkey…

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